[TRANS] Jin Recipe : Hungry Jin Chicken

It’s time for yet another translation of a Jin recipe.

Are you ready for some Jin fun?

Translation notes:

I shall translate as true to the original Korean as possible, only changing the phrasings when the sentence otherwise wouldn't make sense in English.

Instructions that Jin wrote directly on the photos will be translated below the photos.

Translation notes will be in square brackets and grey [like this] and expect a few of them as Jin has been a good joker from the start, but they are Korean jokes and don't always translate directly, so I shall attempt to explain them.

Korean source

Hungry Jin Chicken

Two hours before Dance Practice.

No one has eaten a single meal yet, so I’m making Hungry Jin Chicken.

[Hungry Jin Chicken is a joke that Jin often makes, where he finishes sentences that ought to end in “Ji” with “Jin” to match his name]

During my 22 years of life it was the first time I made such a big serving.

I didn’t know what to name this meal so I had many candidates:

Diet Jin 2, Jin Chicken Boobies fallen into red pepper paste, Stir-fried Jin Chicken, Jin Chicken, etc.

I shortened Jin Chicken Boobies fallen into red pepper paste, so Hungry Jin Chicken.

[Jin Chicken Boobies fallen into red pepper paste is 고추장에 빠진 닭찌찌진 and shortened, with the first syllable of each word it’s: 고빠닭진 which also sounds like a baby saying: Hungry Jin Chicken, hence my chosen English title]

Hungry Jin Chicken


The photo doesn’t show it all but there were 16 chicken breasts.

The eternal ingredients that’s never missing from our dorm refrigerator: Chicken breast.

No matter how many servings I make, I always add one onion, and the only two paprikas left.

No matter how much I searched the refrigerator there was only one thing left above the chicken breasts.. one bag of paprika.

I added seasoning sauce to 12 pieces, but 6 pieces didn’t seem to be enough so I added more.

[This is what I gather from what I can see after brightening the colours of the photo above... Jin has inserted black text over a black part of three photos in this recipe, so it’s really difficult to see... Also Jin jokes by ending the sentence with Jin again]

The seasoning sauce here was a result of Suga’s earnest errand.

There was no Red Pepper Paste in the house, so I sent him to buy some, and when I was cooking the chicken there was no pepper so I called him and told him to buy pepper.

To get rid of the chicken smell, with an adult’s permission, I told him to buy cooking wine.

He called and said there was no cooking wine, so I told him to buy a small soju.

He called me again and said there were no small soju so I told him to buy a whole bottle.

So it’s a seasoning that was completed after numerous phone calls back and forth.

Two tablespoons of Red Pepper Paste + as much soy sauce as you want + 3 cloves of garlic + three pinches of pepper + 2 tablespoons of soju + secretly a little sugar hehe

Setting the table.

So just like that it’s suddenly finished.

The camera lens was foggy so I couldn’t take a proper photo. ㅠㅠ

[This sentence too ends with his Jin joke]

Chicken breast + paprika + onion + seasoning..ㅠㅠ


In the photo it looks like a 3~4 person serving but there are 16 chicken breasts. I put in 8 packs...

Usually 2 packs is enough for 3 people, so this is about 12 servings? I really made a lot.

[Jin joke again]

[Please note that Jin has manually drawn sunglasses on RM, who always wore sunglasses on stage in those days]

Next to the members who are all eating together, slightly off to the side, is the Manager Hyung.

Everyone ate it well and I feel like I can understand what a mother’s heart is like.

[Another sentence that ends with Jin]

I felt really sorry that the ingredients were only chicken boobies, paprika, and an onion.

I even though that at least I should have bought a piece of seaweed and sprinkled over the top.. ㅠㅠ

Thank you for eating it all Bangtan + Manager Hyung.

Oh Right, Rap Mon I’m sorry, but Hyung doesn’t know how to use photoshop.

​After eating up Hobi Mum tidies up @_@

[Again Jin writes in black over a dark photo...]

The soju we used two spoonfuls of to get rid of the chicken smell is there.

[It’s the bottle that Jin’s arrow points to]

Clank, clank, clank this is Hobi Mum.

[Ends the sentence with his own name again]

Like the mother of Bangtan, Hobi Mum tidies the kitchen.

I’m thankful to Hobi Mum who took a task in the place of each of the kids who were resting.

[Jin sentence joke again]


No following my recipe and saying that it tastes bad!

[The Jin sentence joke never ends... here again]

Cooking - Jin

Obtaining ingredients - Suga

Washing the dishes - each their own

Washing the cooking dishes - J-Hope

Wiping the table - Rap Monster

Rice, bowls, spoons and chopsticks setting - Jimin, Jungkook

Other errands - V

Eating - Manager Hyung

I hope you enjoyed this third Jin recipe.

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