'Northern Wrath' is the first instalment in 'the Hanged God' Trilogy.

An epic fantasy series about Vikings and Norse Gods.

A dead man, walking between the worlds foresees the end of the gods. 

A survivor searching for a weapon releases a demon from fiery Muspelheim. 

A village slaughtered by Christians forces the mourning survivors to seek revenge. 

The bonds between the gods and Midgard are weakening. 

It is up to Hilda, her father Ragnar, their tribesmen Einer and Finn, the chief’s wife Siv, and her adopted daughter Tyra to fight to save the old ways from dying out, and to save their gods in the process.

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Midgard Map

Explore the secrets of Midgard in this interactive map for Northern Wrath.

As spoiler-free as any map can be.


The fylgja reveals itself when mortal danger is near, giving its human counterpart a chance to prevent looming death.


Which songs inspired which chapters of Northern Wrath? In this post we take a look at the music that inspired the story.


Did you know that there are historical characters and events in Northern Wrath?

Learn how real Viking Age history connect to Northern Wrath.

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