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The History in Northern Wrath

The Hanged God Trilogy includes everything from historical characters to historical places and even real events.

So, today we're taking a closer look at what exactly it is that is taken from history and presented in Northern Wrath, the first book in the trilogy.

A glance at this page should not yield any spoilers but opening the boxes marked spoilers certainly will.

Below you will find several lists of people, places and events you might have encountered in Northern Wrath.

If you click on an item, a little extra information will drop down.

Historical Characters:

The places:

For a look at the places relevant to Northern Wrath, I recommend looking at the interactive Map of Midgard created for this exact purpose.

Outside of what appears on that map, I only have one addition: the Limsound.

The events:

If you have not yet read Northern Wrath, I urge you to stop reading right now. In the boxes below there will be spoilers for events that unfold in “Northern Wrath”, book 1 in the Hanged God Trilogy.

Proceed with caution or come back to read about the historical events once you have finished the book.

I hope you enjoyed this exploration into the historical events and characters involved in Northern Wrath.


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