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"Midgard Map" of Northern Wrath

A large majority of my epic Norse fantasy "Northern Wrath" takes place in Midgard.

Midgard, the middle realm, is one of the nine worlds. Norsemen in the Viking Age believed that there were nine worlds. Among these nine worlds, Midgard represented the world as we know it.

"Northern Wrath" is therefore very much anchored in our real world. Many real historical characters and events are described and several real places from the tenth century are mentioned in passing, and some are also visited and explored in depth in the text.

I hereby present the real world, "Midgard Map" of Northern Wrath.

The map is spoiler free. It does however, as any good map should, show places mentioned in Northern Wrath. Plot events are not discussed, but where appropriate, the map descriptions refer to relevant chapter numbers.

On the map below you can explore landmarks and cities you might read about in Northern Wrath.

Click onto any of the pinned location to see a description of the place. Attached are also pictures, illustration and videos of the specific places and landmarks.

Can you find our protagonists' hometown of Ash-hill?


Hungry for more? In that case you can:

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