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Shackled Fates synopsis: As Ragnarok Looms, the trickster Loki breaks free from his chains. In the battle to come all shall die, but Ragnar will do anything to save his gods. Einer scours the nine worlds for Hilda, who walks among gods and goddesses, searching the truth of the Runes. For centuries Siv has run from her past, but she knows that to protect her daughter, and Midgard, she will have to fa e her worst fears. It is time to confront the Alfather.
Shackled Fates title

'Shackled Fates' is the second book in 'the Hanged God' Trilogy.

An epic fantasy series about Vikings and Norse Gods.

Northern Wrath Medium.jpg


Need a refresher of Northern Wrath before you head into Shackled Fates?

I have you covered.



The fylgja reveals itself when mortal danger is near, giving its human counterpart a chance to prevent looming death.

Shackled Fates.jpg

There is a lot of hidden meaning in the cover to Shackled Fates. In this blog I gush about the details that make the cover perfect!

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