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Nothing quite like a good old Jin Recipe blog.

They are a lot of fun to translate.

It might seem like all I do these days are translations. I assure you that I am also working on other blog posts. I do have a bigger project coming up within a few week, but the research is no joke.

Translation notes:

I shall translate as true to the original Korean as possible, only changing the phrasings when the sentence otherwise wouldn't make sense in English.

Instructions that Jin wrote directly on the photos will be translated below the photos.

Translation notes will be in square brackets and in grey [like this] and expect a few of them as Jin has been a good joker from the start, but they are Korean jokes and don't always translate directly, so I shall attempt to explain them.

Korean source

Ordinary BTS's Oldest Hyung's Diet - Diet Jin

2013.07.06 12:59

Name of the food: Jin Diet

First the ingredients: one onion, one paprika, one bundle of chicken boobies, four eggs, one slice of cheese, two portions of rice, and also since it gets boring to cook: one vegetable juice.

[Yes... chicken boobies...]

Since there isn't a lot of time just roughly cut it up, also no matter what I cook, I always put in one onion.

First stir-fry the chicken boobies with olive oil.

Next throw in the one onion that always needs to be added. Someone teach our Hyung a recipe with one onion.

Make an egg, which is responsible for turning fried rice yellow.

Also add the paprika, which is in charge of making the fried rice red, along with the egg, and stir-fry a liiiittle longer.

[Jin wrote an exaggerated version of the word "little"]


[yes that's all]

Add a little more olive oil and stir-fry for one minute longer.

Drop it prettily onto a dish. It can't look ugly, if it does, it tastes worse.

[literally: "the taste falls." It could also be translated as it becomes tasteless unless it's arranged prettily]

As for the three remaining eggs, whisk-whisky-whisk them up

[Jin uses the sound effects for whisking here and also a cute tone at the end]

A sudden completion shot.

Together with J-Hope who walked by and the Makdoongie Jungkook - Nom Nom

[Makdoongie is a cute way to say Maknae/the youngest]

Inside it doesn't taste of anything

​I apologise for this bare morning face.

First off this diet doesn't taste of much... it's not good ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Since there isn't anything to put in it....

[He means because his ingredients are restricted so there isn't much taste to add]

Originally for the completion shot I don't add eggs and steak sauce, umm.... how should I put it.... Since the visuals weren't great, for today, just a little.... I added some. One spoonful is only 15kcal so it's actually okay to add more ㅇㅇ

The sudden completion shot.. when I made the eggs I made a mistake and forgot to put on olive oil so it got stuck and just managed to get it off before it burnt! So that's why I couldn't take a photo of it. Haha

My mother says that to be cool one has to do the dishes while cooking..... So I did that so there aren't any dishes other than the rice bowls. Waa

Also since it's morning... the faces are a little... ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ That's why I covered my face. Hehe

Of course the towel is sparkling pink.

[Jin used a slang word for "sparkling pink". Also, the sentence should end in -Ji, but he wrote -Jin, to make a joke with his own name.

This concludes Bangtan's diet special.

Ah that's right, I put the cheese under the eggs.

So this is Jin's second recipe, and as you can see from the date, this is just after their debut so that's probably why his tone isn't as fun as in many of the others. BTS were probably all very tired of diet food at this point.

The next one is also diet food, but it has more jokes.

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