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[TRANS] Street Dance with J-Hope

J-Hope Jung Hoseok BTS Bangtan Street Dance lesson translation yells gif

Pre-debut, J-Hope wrote three posts on BTS's blog about Street Dance that he calls "street dance reviews"

I shall hereby translate all three blogs so you may fully enjoy J-Hope's love for dance!

This is from before Hope on the Street was a thing so I highly recommend that you follow up this blog by watching all of J-Hope's Hope on the Streets videos.

They're such great fun and amazing to watch!

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J-Hope Jung Hoseok BTS Bangtan Street Dance lesson translation Suga shows off his skills funny gif

Translation notes:

I have tried to translate it as close as possible to the original Korean, but I have reordered the sentences when it otherwise wouldn't have made sense in English.

Further translation notes are in square brackets and in grey [as so].

Oh and through his blogs, we will also discover the great mystery of Suga's go to B-boy move, for we will come to see its origins.


The following are all J-Hope's own words about dance.

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2013.03.18 at 16:26

J-Hope Jung Hoseok BTS Bangtan Street Dance lesson translation

Have you ever heard about Street Dance? Street dance is a culture that emerged in the 70s created by dancers on the streets. Following Rock 'n' Roll and Disco, 70's Punk received a lot of love by the general public and dances were created to fit the Punk music.

By order of creation: Locking, Breaking, Popping, Waacking, etc. Since the 80s Hip Hop music has received a lot of love from the general public, however, the dances that emerged at this time within Street Dance are called Hip Hop. Also, to match the House music genre, House dance also evolved. So within the huge culture that is Street Dance, what evolved from the 70s Punk music; Locking, Breaking, Popping, Waacking, are called Old School street dance, and what evolved from the 80s, Hip Hop and House, are referred to as New School Street Dance.

So from among these, today I would like us to watch the Old School 'Popping' dance video.

This dance is what we call Popping. In the video you're watching now, Poppin' John first dances Roboting and Mime centred dances, then later does a variety of motions while Popping. So, a dance where you make mild motions while giving it a pop is called Popping. It's also a dance I've come to love, and one that I dance well~^^ It's truly a cool dance ~

Now there is one more video for us to watch. It's Chris Brown - YEAH 3x music video.

Chris Brown is one of the artists I really like. In this music video you can see a variety of moves and around midway you can also see a lot of the Popping that I introduced above !! As for Chris Brown when it comes to vocals, performance, etc. he has a variety of excellent skills so

[J-Hope accidentally went to the next line here although his sentence isn't finished.]

I think he is really a respectable and cool artist. ㅠㅠ I think this video is a good way to get closer to Popping and a video example that's easy to follow~ *^^*

Personally, the genre of Street Dance that I like the most is the Popping that I've just introduced.

Also the thing I have the most confidence in and that dance the best is also Popping !.!

If everyone who are reading this review that I wrote take an interest in Street Dance's Popping and like it then this review has served its purpose and it makes me happy, but not only that, I think I'll also be able to have fun writing the next review too. Hahaha ^ㅡ^

If you look at videos on YouTube there are truly a lot of awesome dances. If you're curious about something or want a recommendation then ask J Hope~ Since I am also studying hard ^^;; I'll let you know! If this blog is well received, I'll upload my video next time too. Puhahahaha..@,@ you're curious right? Right? ~!!!? ㅎ.ㅎ

This was J Hope's Popping Review !!!!


J-Hope Jung Hoseok BTS Bangtan Street Dance lesson translation cute kiss gif

But not the end for us, Army, since I'm translating all three blogs he wrote about dance.




2013.03.27 12:32

J-Hope Jung Hoseok BTS Bangtan Street Dance lesson translation

Everyone~~~ haha Today as well it's J Hope's hopeful Street Dance Review !!! *^^*

Last week uhmm.... Around Friday??!! I uploaded a dance practice video of me and Jimin and Jungkook!!! Hahahaha

How was it?? It was cool, right!!! We will upload Bangtan's dance video and also my dance videos often wahahaha

Passionate reactions we want them we want them!!




Hmm... I'll stop this useless talk now!

Today we're going to watch videos about the Street Dance 'Locking'.

This is a video of some dancers called Hilty $ Bosch from URBAN DANCE CAMP workshop. It has a lot of extremely powerful and funky moves and rhythms. Performance wise, even though it's freestyle, they dance so well and I think the video is cool so that's why I wanted to share it. Fall into the world of dance!

Like in the video above, Locking is what we call a dance made to match Funky music. Of course, along with Popping, it's a dance that has a long and deep history. For its detailed history you'll have to search it up in the green search field ^^ Haha!

[the green search field is an indirect way of saying to look it up on Naver, which is Korea's version of Google, because Naver has a green background]

One more video, one that's a bit easier!!!^^

Compared the video above, this should be a little easier!

The video you're watching now was aired on TV on <Korea's Got Talent 2> and is a video of dancers Khan and Moon showing a performance similar to Beyoncé-Nim's performance at the Billboard awards.

[Nim is a polite way to show respect for Beyoncé, and it's very adorable that he uses it for a foreign artist like that. Also, the feels are real when he mentions the Billboard Awards... this is pre-debut, Army!]

Because of this I think it's a dance that everyone may know and can enjoy together! The longer you look at Locking, the funnier it gets and I think it's a dance that everyone can enjoy and have fun dancing! Isn't it exciting?????? I think this video makes it a little easier to approach Locking. What do you think?

Locking is a dance that isn't commonly seen so I think there are probably still people who don't know it~~

So for people like that I prepared yet another video ㅠㅠ ~

[The video J-Hope referenced was an unofficial positing of the music video which has since been taking down for copyright infringement, but this is the same video just with an intro that's with a few seconds longer]

This is the incredibly famous music video to MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This. Everyone, at least once, or if not, then by chance!!, or while walking down the street!!! In an advertisement!!!! I think you may have heard it and since it's a very famous song, I don't think it's a very difficult song!!!^^

Personally, I think that this song and also the performance in the music video has plenty of Locking so that's why I prepared this ~^^

A dance made to Funky music, even if it doesn't necessarily have specific Locking moves, I really think that through Funky music and rhythm like this, it's a little easier to understand Locking and easier to approach it too. Isn't that right?

For me too, the dance 'Locking' that I've introduced you to up until this point, I also enjoyed looking it up and I like this dance~~@-@

Unlike Popping, people's perception of Locking is that it's not easy to approach and is a difficult dance, but I hope that by looking at my review everyone will understand it a little better so that 'Locking' can be known as an easy Street Dance~

Hmm..~ today's Locking review got a little long~~ but even so, if the reception is good then maybe.. again, a video of us..?!! Hahahaha


J Hope's second Street Dance Review - Locking


J-Hope Jung Hoseok BTS Bangtan Street Dance lesson translation point cool handsome concert gif hd

Just one more J-Hope blog.... this is it!




2013.04.06 00:20

J-Hope Jung Hoseok BTS Bangtan Street Dance lesson translation

Today as well this is the start of J-Hope's Street Dance Review about B-boy!! ㅎㅎ

[In Korean it's said B-boy even when used in a sentence like this, but my English ears make me flinch at the sound so from now on I shall write B-boying where appropriate to calm my nerves]

Oh It's already the third review. ㅠㅠ so there are only two more left ㅠ it's a shame right??.. Right??ㅎㅎ

When I've finished my review and lots of people come here to Bangtan's blog to find us, it would be really great if they start to like and have an interest in Street Dance from reading my reviews. *^^* Hahhahaha Then wishing for such a day!!

Let's start full of hope!

Today I'm going to show you videos of the last Old School Street Dance: 'B-Boying' !!^^

B-boy !! It's B-boying that's is the most famous dance among the general public and among dancers too !! It looks cool with the excessive movements, style move, power move, etc. There are a variety of them. In the video you're watching right now, you can find all of those styles. It's an edited video of a world B-boy battle called R16!! You can see a variety of teams and a variety of moves and freestyle performances~

The B-boy dance also has a lot of history and on TV you often see scenes of B-boy dance battles, so you've probably often seen it ! ㅎㅎ As expected, I also want to try to dance it too some day, because I think it's such a cool dance !!

When it come to B-boying, I think everyone knows about it. It's really famous and also as old as the dance is, people recognise B-boy as the representative dance in Street Dance, it's said to be common knowledge~ haha

So today, since it the last genre in Old School, we're going to watch a music video of the Old School genre that has both B-boying and Locking~

[J-Hope wrote today's school but I think it was a typo for Old School so that's what I wrote]

The video you're watching now is the music video for Will Smith, Biz Markie, Slick Rick- So Fresh. In the video you can see the b-boying I introduced and you can also see various parts of the old school culture !!! I think it's easier to get closer to Old School through this video so I wanted to show it to you *^^*

And now.......!!







The B-boy dance I've been introducing until now... we also really like it?? So we tried to dance it....ㅎ

[So now we know where Suga's go-to dance move comes from. Or maybe J-Hope got it from Suga here... who knows? We shall never know... sorry, Army, I tried.]

How was it?? Wahaha We dance amazingly, right??....@-@

J Hope and Jungkook~ie b-boys are doing well. Hahaha

J Hope's Street Dance B-boy special ends here.


J-Hope Jung Hoseok BTS Bangtan Street Dance lesson translation exhausted cool breathing smiling performance concert gif hd

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