[TRANS] Jungkook's pre-debut adventure in LA

​Some of you might know that Jungkook learnt dance for a month in Los Angeles, but did you also know that he shared his pre-debut adventure on a blog that BTS kept pre-debut?

Luckily, I just so happen to be in possession of the two blog posts he wrote and also of the images he shared.

And I just so happen to also speak Korean.

So I shall translate Jungkook's two blog posts to english, and share them

with you all — right here.

Translation notes:

I have tried to translate it as close as possible to the original Korean, keeping Jungkook's original smileys, and only reordering the sentences around when it otherwise wouldn't have made sense in English.

Further translation notes are in square brackets [as so].

So here we go....

Time machine: July-August 2012

Jungkook was 14 years old, going on 15, when he went to the US to study dance, but he posted this half a year later, on the 6th of February 2013.

The diary of an ordinary trainee and maknae's dance practice in the US.

[His title - not mine]​

​[Tumblr's gif - not his]

Hello this is Jeon Jungkookie. Hehe

[Yes, he just called himself Jeon JungKookie!]

This is the first time I am revealed on the blog, so I'm nervous.

[This was pre-debut when only a few of the members of BTS were revealed to the public.]

I came here because I wanted to show you the photos I took last year during July and August when I went to the US to study dance. -ㅂ-

Now that I look at these photos I realise how young I was. These days I'm more handsome than what you see on the photos below. Hehe

This is me on the plane to the USA. Doogoon, doogoon.

[Doogoon are Korean sound effects for heart pounding which carries the meaning of being exited]

It was my first time being on a plane for a long flight. Doogoon, doogoon.

To become the dancer Jeon Jungkookie, I went to study dance in the US for about a month.

This is a photo I took after getting off the plane. I look tired -ㅂ-

It was the first time in my life getting on a plane. I think the plane ride took 12-13 hours~

On the way to the dorms, the view was too pretty, so we stopped the car to take a photo.


On the first day, I remember receiving about 2-3 dance lessons, but compared to what I had imagined, the dance lessons weren't that difficult.

But from the second lesson on I started to have a mental breakdown.

[mental breakdown is a Korean phrase used to mean that he was shocked]

And I couldn't understand what they were saying. ㅜㅜ

Compared to the first lesson it was harshness on a completely different level!!

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I went to a Korean restaurant close to the dorm, ate breakfast and left.

I think it's because I could eat Korean food at that place that I didn't get homesick.  -ㅂ- !!

During the weekends I didn't have lessons, so I went to play by the sea! I was hungry so I went into some random restaurant but then I found out that the owner was Korean. At first I thought they were foreigners so I spoke English but then I came to know that the son of the owner was Korean and then they gave me a lot of service.

[service=free things]

They also gave me the Ade you see on the left. Thank you hyung. -ㅂ-

[Ade is the cold drink you see in the photo. It's a sweetened fruit drink, usually citrus. Lemonade would qualify as an Ade drink]

Nom nom. It was so hot, that after eating I almost died. Hehe

I received a lot of lessons so I often needed to change clothes, so I had to go to the laundromat 1-2 a week.

Actually it was a bit annoying.. ^^;

We went to some art gallery to see an exhibition and there were no people on the stairs so I did a cool Nike pose and took a photo!

Hahahahhahah I think it looks really cool!!

This isn't the end! Tomorrow I'll reveal part 2.

Look forward to it!~ -ㅂ-

This ought to be the end, but because because Jeon Jungkookie is adorable,

I shall translate part two straight away as well!

Part 2 - start!

​This is that art gallery I talked about yesterday... this is the first photo I took when I got there...

The exhibition was worth a look. Hahahaha

[he is saying that the exhibition wasn't bad and worth the time]

The day before returning to Korea I went to a seafood restaurant close by the seaside to eat lobster for the first time.

But since I'm a man from Busan I think it was awesome!! Hahahahaha -ㅂ-

[Busan is by the sea and is famous for its seafood.]

This is the choreography I learnt when I first started learning choreographed dancing. I got a lot wrong in the later parts so I'm a bit embarrassed. Heheheh

Looking at this and then the practice video uploaded a few days ago I think I improved a lot hehe

[Here is the dance practice he revealed a few days before this post]

​That's MOVEMENT LIFE STYLE. It's the place where I received my lessons.~

Since I happened to arrive very early before the lesson there wasn't anyone there. ㅜㅜ

I bought the skateboard in the states and started skateboarding for the first time!!

When I was riding my skateboard in front of the practice room, my teacher snapped this shot. I look like an idiot.

The skateboard is a beginner's board. -ㅂ-

​Of course to end my article: Nike 2!!!!!!!!

This was Jeon Jungkookie's diary about the dance lessons from the USA.

I'll be back!!!

But when will that be? -ㅂ- haha bye

And that concludes the translation of Jeon Jungkookie's adventures learning dance in LA. I hope you enjoyed~!

*Round of applause*

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