[TRANS] Jin Recipe : Rice Cake Soup

I hereby set out to translate Jin's recipe blog posts!

After my translation post of Jungkook's adventures in LA from BTS's blog, I realised that there was an interest in some of the other blogs posted on the site, so, today I will start a continuous serious called: Jin Recipes. In which I will translate.... (any guesses as to what I'll translate?)....yep, that right! I'll translate Jin's recipes that he posted on BTS's blog! There are a total of twelve of them.

Welcome to the first cooking lesson by Jin.

Translation notes:

I shall translate as true to the original Korean as possible, only changing the phrasings when the sentence otherwise wouldn't make sense in English.

Instructions that Jin wrote directly on the photos will be translated below the photos.

Translation notes will be in square brackets and in grey [like this] and expect a few of them as Jin has been a good joker from the start, but they are Korean jokes and don't always translate directly, so I shall attempt to explain them.

Korean source

What is the significance of Rice Cake Soup?

Rice Cake Soup or Rice Cake Broth is a traditional Korean dish. For more than 200 years it has been tradition eat it on New Year's Day.

In the old days to ask someone's age, you could say: how many bowls of Rice Cake Soup have you eaten?

As you may know, Koreans get a year older, not on their birthdays, but at every New Year, and so it is said that you gain a year by eating Rice Cake Soup.

New let's get to Jin's post...

An Ordinary Trainee's Rice Cake Soup Recipe

Posted: 2013.01.27 10:51

[yes, this is months before their debut]

On the first of January, my Mum went to the countryside, so I couldn't eat Rice Cake Soup.

[By countryside Jin probably means that his mother went back to her hometown out in the countryside to visit relatives. Also the end of the sentence would normally be 지 (Ji) but Jin made it into a joke by writing his name instead 진 (Jin)]

Even so, if I don't eat Rice Cake Soup my mother will be sad, so I'm going to make it myself.

As soon as I get up in the morning, I wake up our maknae who always helps me.

If he says that he doesn't want to wake up/help me, I force him to wake up. He has to get up to take photos [of my cooking].

Making the Rice Cake Soup that will make me one year older. ㄱㄱㄱ

[see translation note about Rice Cake Soup at top]

First go buy all the ingredients. I bought them all.

Naturally, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning to go buy the ingredients.

[Jin made the joke with his name again]

But there weren't any rice cakes especially for rice cake soup, so I bought rice cakes for ddeokbokki.

[Ddeokbokki are Korean spicy rice cakes]

It looks pretty when you lay out all the ingredients.

I wondered why there was an apple there, so I just ate it.

Making the marinade.


Mix the sauce with the meat and then throw the meat on the frying pan.

​Also throw Rice Cake and Dumplings into a pot. I forgot to take a photo of the process. When it boils well, add the onion.

[Jin wrote the sound effect for boiling water 팔팔 (Pal Pal). Also, although he just writes onions, he adds Spring Onions]

But there weren't enough onions so I hurriedly chopped some more and put them in.

By the way, doesn't the animal print pyjamas I got as a present look cool?

But since I put subtitles [on the photos], it looks like a simulation game about a pretty girl.

But I'm not a pretty girl.

Anyways, let's get back to it. ㄱㄱ

Cutting the egg white I made earlier.

[this is a special egg dish called Jidan. A few years after this was posted, Jin was on an idol cooking show where he had to make this. You can watch it here. Funnily enough he was on the show with Sleepy with whom he went to the jungle a few months later.]

Suddenly some seaweed popped out.

Photo of the finished garnish.


It'll do.

[his real wording is: it's appropriate. And again he added his name at the end to make a joke.]

Our maknae took the shot of me tasting the food.

But I looked ugly, so as soon as the photo got downloaded I clicked on the photoshop effect.

All finished

Starting with a dumpling.

Put meat, egg white, and onion on top. And sprinkle some crumbled seaweed.

Complete! Looks delicious, right?

[Jokes with his name again]


​As we ate it, I realised that there was a lot.

So I woke up Rap Monster and we ate together.

He said it was delicious and complimented my cooking, so I was happy.




...For a while

How will I get all of this washing up done?

What do you mean how? Naturally I will have to order the Maknae to do it.

But since I felt sorry, I touched the baton midway through...

[meaning that he took over from Jungkook and did half the washing up in the end]

But my belly button is bigger than my belly.

[A saying that typically means that prices are high because shipping is expensive, it's a joke since belly and shipping are spelled the same here]

The materials cost over ₩30000, since I bought salt and onions and eggs.

ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Mum please give me some pocket money...

Also Mum, I love you, because every New Year you always made Rice Cake Soup for me.

....that's what I'll say and therefore I'm ending it on a warm tone.

I hope you enjoyed Jin's first recipe, Watson.

Eleven more to go, each better and more hilarious than the last.

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