[TRANS] Jin Recipe : 2014 Rice Cake Soup

It’s time for another Jin recipe. The fourth one in this translation series (we’re slowly getting there). Today Jin brings us yet another Rice Cake Soup recipe, but this one has been updated from the previous year.

Translation notes:

I shall translate as true to the original Korean as possible, only changing the phrasings when the sentence otherwise wouldn't make sense in English.

Translation notes will be in square brackets and grey [like this]

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2014 Rice Cake Soup

First the ingredients are: one bag of frozen dumplings, one back of rice cakes for soup, one bag of rice cakes for Ddeokbokki, and three bags of broth.

[Jin is specifically referring to a broth made form the bones of beef, usually the legs. It’s used in a lot of Korean cooking.]

And other ingredients.

This year I don’t have any money, so there is no meat.

Now let’s first dump the rice cakes in some water and leave them.

And boil the broth.

There are no anchovies, no meat, no time, to put into the broth, just that.... you know that 3 minute simple thing.

Yea I’m going to put that in. Hehe

The pot aged a lot...

Mum... soon I’ll go home and steal a good pot. Sorry in advance.

Add water and get the timing and amount right.

While it’s boiling up, crack an egg.

Oh oh Now it’s starting to boil

So throw in one pack of frozen dumplings.

There are 30 dumplings in it.

After that, let’s throw the rice cakes for soup into the water.

This is for 6 people.

Next to it, start to make honeyed rice cakes.

Using olive oil. Hwik hwik.

[Jin used 휙휙 which is a sound effect that indicates swift movement]

Add the rice cake for ddeokbokki that were soaking in water.

Like two siblings who get along well...

[Jin is implying that the two rice cake dishes go along with each other as well as good siblings get along]

Add the peanuts, and later on we need to add honey and sesame seeds too.

Ah since water and oil get mixed, it may splutter so be careful. I had it on low fire so it didn’t splutter. hoot

[At the end, Jin writes 훗 (hoot) which is an expression of being pleased for having done well.]

After both were fried and boiled I took some so-so photos.

Right in the middle of cooking there wasn’t enough broth so I added water, added chopped garlic, added pepper, and added eggs.

The right timing is when you feel like it’s right.

After completing it, I wanted to move it into a pretty bowl, but since I didn’t have a bowl Fail..

Ah really, why is it like this to live in a dorm?

Why do bowls disappear and spoons and chopsticks disappear. It’s not like anyone has taken it (Namjoon, it’s not that I’m being suspicious of you).

For that reason I’m left with the brass bowl that comes in high demand and usage.

We all decided to just leave the big portion in the brass bowl and eat like that.

An exclusive shot of the visuals-☆

Nowadays the kids all do their own dishes without having to be told.

It’s the best. Tok tok.

[톡톡 is another sound effect that implies that it just suddenly happened like that.]

Eating was hectic, so that’s omitted.

I’m thankful for the members who ate well. And truthfully, at that time, there were some things we had forgotten to buy so half of it was bought with Hyung’s money..

I came to realise that the food expenses for 7 people are quite extreme ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

No well... I just wanted to let you know that’s how it is.... well...

If you’re reading this, I wanted to let you know: “Hyung, next time make XX so we can eat,” if you’re going to say that then I hope you will buy the ingredients haha

That’s a joke~Ha ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Pot sponsored by Mum

Ladle sponsored by Mum

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Spoon sponsored by Mum

Salt sponsored by Mum

Honey sponsored by Mum

I’ve robbed it all.

Mum I’m sorry... I love you...

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