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Wheel of Time 3 : The Dragon Reborn (part 2)

This is NOT a review of the Wheel of Time books. I suppose you can call it a reaction blog... For it is a collection of my live reactions and thoughts to reading the Wheel of Times series for the first time.

The thoughts were originally shared on Twitter and have now been collected here for everyone's convenience. These are my full reactions from the second Wheel of Time book, with some post-read writerly thoughts at the very end.

To gain better understanding of what this is all about, please refer to this blog.

This time, I divided my readings up into days. You can find part 1 here.

Let's get on with it.


The Dragon Reborn


Day 7 : the day Mat fought two soon to be Warders with a quarterstaff


Well, Mat, you really blew that one. Now you’ve alerted them all.

Certainly no one will let you pass now.

Also this sounds like Domon’s accent so he is a native of Illian..? I don’t know why I didn’t pick up on that sooner.

That’s really odd. How would she know?

And why is she being all suspicious? And wasn’t Else sent out of the White Tower? Why do I feel like I remember someone talking about that...?

Warders?? Ohhh! Mat is about to meet Gawyn and Galad, isn’t he??

Go on, Mat my lad, make friends with the Warders.

I bet Gawyn will make a good friend especially for Mat and Galad... well he is Galad and not that much fun. Though I suppose it’s fun to pick on him.

Aha! Told ya so!

And Gawyn really makes everything so easy. He is really friendly and easy to get along with. Thoughtful but forthcoming.

I like Gawyn. Can we get more of Gawyn, please?

Oh. Oops. Sorry, Galad. Here I was saying you’re only fun because I can mock you...

I suppose I’m not as morally black and white as you. I’d be much better friends with the other two lads here.

(Also it’s fun that Galad is intimidated by the Wisdom)

Oh it’s on! They’re going to get their asses kicked by a sickly boy, aren’t they?

Because that old time-y person he had some memories of was some sort of warrior.

If Mat can channel (pun intended) that man, he will come out victorious.

That’s my guess.

Uhhh, shivers. This is good!

He is so going to win with the spirit of a warrior who has been dead for centuries.

I readily admit, I’ve very quickly become very invested in Mat my lad’s journey. His POVs are engaging.

You weren’t thinking. Instinct, reflexes only. Well done my lad!

He really did channel that old timey person, didn’t he? I wonder who that guy really is.

Also guys... I think this is the first real fight where we have had actual description of movements.

Shivers again. Awesome!!

Is the person Mat can remember this person who defeated Jearom, then?

Because that would be awesome. I look forward to see how this will unfold.

Huh? Then that’s not it then. It runs in the old blood. Moiraine did say something about the bloodlines being strong and how they haven’t lost the old spirit.

Mat’s and Rand’s fathers are pretty badass.

I never really knew until this book.

A bit about Tam but not like this.

Ha! Poor Galad fighting for himself against accepted and Green Ajah on a daily basis to stay unclaimed as a Warder.

I do almost feel bad for the guy, with all of these girls scratching each other’s eyes out to be next in line to touch him.

Ehhh Mat my lad, don’t you ignore what’s happening to you.

You’re not as dumb as you look and as we were led to believe from your actions in WoT 1. Please don’t ignore this. Please pursue this to find out whatever it is that’s happening to you.

Even Rand is not this mad... yet.

Oh no!!

Not Selene! Not now! Stay away Lanfear!!

Huh? It’s an Egwene chapter... what?

Don’t be so quick to dismiss these dreams, Egwene. I think what you do is glimpse the future.

Sometimes the present but often the future, at least as it could be.

That could be very useful. So you better be careful with Whitecloaks!

Uh so it’s like Min’s abilities, except in dreams so somewhat harder to control but also with more information.

Perrin is that hawk and falcon two girls? Please tell me one of them isn’t Lanfear. Anyone else! Anyone!

Hm, I don’t know how I feel about the Odin connection for Mat.

Well that’s a hell of a coincidence. And highly unlikely.

Why does the Dark One specifically need these Aes Sedai who are so different from one another?

Oh yes, her daughter... gosh this one really linger on her.

Also: I like that two characters are allowed to have the same name.

Because that happen in real life. I know many people with the same names, but in fantasy it rarely ever happens that two characters share a name.

Ohh I suppose that could be a reason, yes. Personally I was just wondering why they needed so many different women.

I suppose it could be a show of power: "look, we can convert anyone."

I think there’s more to it, though. There is another reason.

This is a very good point.

But, I happen to know that she was a BOOK BURNER, and therefore evil.

But yes, there could be someone worse than her, I suppose. There could be a library burner or a puppy killer.

Who is this Corianin Nedeal? A black Ajah? Someone unlucky whose notes a black Ajah happened to get their fingers on?

Why don’t I hear Egwene wondering who she is? Am I already supposed to know?

(I was promptly aided my twitter folks to find out who she was)

Ohhh that’s what Egwene mentioned she might use against the 13 Aes Sedai and fades when she went through her accepted trials!!

So we know Egwene is going to use this and learn to control it, even.

How..? In a dream? That sounds like it’ll be very dangerous.

Well done for standing up for yourself Egwene! The Wisdom was way out of line. It’s not her ring. It was given to Egwene because of unique abilities only she possesses.

Sorry, Wisdom, you're not the only person in the world who is special. And Egwene’s right. You have no control.

This is SO odd! Using a novice isn’t a bad idea exactly, but Else? Of all people. I don’t believe that.

Is Else a Darkfriend?

Was she recruited by the Black Ajah? She is off. Somethings wrong with her.

*gasp* SELENE!

Oh no! Of course it was you! What game are you playing at?

Hiding in your dark night and impersonating Else like this. Why are you still in the White Tower and what are you up to...?


Day 8 : the day we entered the scary World of Dreams

Who so desperately wants these things locked away? And why would Selene point them to it...? Did she plant it there?

Did she put this lock there to make it seem more difficult and like a conspiracy??

I don’t trust Selene.

(I prefer Selene to Lanfear—Lan isn’t afraid of anyone)

Egwene truly learnt a lot about her own abilities from the Seanchan experience.

And why can’t the Wisdom ever take the calm road or let someone else try?

Egwene had it!

Yes, I know you all like her and she’ll evolve, but I still don’t vibe well with the Wisdom.

I’m beginning to think that maybe they’re all like Mat, and Rand...

Are they all connected to some past version of themselves and pulling from that past??

And Mat just happens to be more in tune with his part so far..? That’s my working theory.

Because this stuff is both cool and creepy!

What are you talking about?? A half torn map isn’t a clue?? What!!?

Girls! Open your eyes!! It’s raining with clues that will lead you to Tear.

Trust me, that’s where it’s happening.

Yes that is suspicious but also: Why did Selene want you to find this all? Why did she point you this way?

What is she plotting? Why does she even need you? No offence, Girls, but she is super powerful, I’d think she didn’t need anyone other than Rand.

Finally we will use the ring! For once I’m actually feeling okay about getting a long dream sequence.

I wonder if using the ring will be as immersive as those tests to become accepted were or if it really will just be like jumbled dreams.

I hope it’s the former.

Egwene is really starting to suspect everyone. It’s sad that it has come to this but it has.

And why is Verin acting suspiciously? Why didn’t she point them to the belongings of those 13 sisters when it was right by the library? I don’t like to suspect Verin.

I like Verin.

Uhh Egwene intruding on Perrin’s Wolf dream. Is it really him, I wonder? Will he be able to remember this encounter when we see things from his perspective again?

(On that note: we haven’t had a Perrin chapter in an awful long time which is odd because his POV started the book)

We haven’t seen Rand in so long that this could very real be him now. Fighting in his dreams and knowing how to channel fire. Poor Rand.

I do hope he is okay.

This book is called The Dragon Reborn, so when will we see the Dragon Reborn?
Could have been called Detective Witches.

SELENE!! That is Selene!

I am certain. She never quite appears... human. She is always too perfect. In this case too perfect in imperfections.

Stay back Egwene and leave NOW! You can’t possibly know what she might do.

Ah yes of course. So is this Selene’s plan for Rand? Disguise him as a servant, using Egwene as a messenger..?

Hm no it doesn’t sound like her. She’d be trying to force him into it directly talking about glory and how good it feels to channel.

See? See??? It’s definitely Selene! Hearing her talk, one would think that Ishamael and her were arch-enemies but I don’t know who he really is and why they would be.

Did Ishamael betray her or something? And is he free if his bonds yet...? Have we met him...?

Hmm... I wonder.

So is this book supposed to end with Rand getting the sword after Egwene and the friend lead shin to it and proclaim him the Dragon Reborn...?

Is that what the title is all about. Because I’m seeing very little here to warrant a title focused on Rand whom we barely see.

Get her AWAY! Don’t touch Selene!

...oh she sent Egwene back. But still. I did not like that.

That was invasive.

I think there should be a warning sing above Selene that reads:

Extremely dangerous Forsaken.

Might do anything.

Keep 10 feet away.

Do not feed.

Eh... Egwene? It’s good you keep Perrin’s stuff to yourself, but did you forget that Elayne doesn’t know that Rand can channel!? Or that he is the Dragon Reborn??

I know she’s not the brightest, but how can you risk telling her about that dream and revealing those secrets??
Ohh Elayne... that is the most princess-like thing she has said in this book.

And that doesn’t seem super smart but at the same time, maybe it is a good idea after all.

Uhm, Girls... you have really followed the example set forward by the boys lately. It seems you have all turned into complete woolheads.

Once it’s known that all 3 of you are gone, you don’t think anyone will put 2 and 2 together and realise you left TOGETHER?

And I bet that person is my lad Mat. So girls, are you going to break him out of his whiter tower prison?

Also poor Mat has been there for a while but they haven’t gone to visit him yet despite how sick he was before.

Oh well. So.. how are you going to get him out of the city?

Well Mat my lad certainly likes to dance. It’s sweet.

When he sees a sweet girl he always thinks about asking her to dance.

And here’s Elayne being a total princess again. She’s lucky that she’s cute or those tactics would not have gotten her far anywhere.

That’s what I’ve been saying!! He has never done anything for anyone else at any point during these books.

It’ll be a real interesting day, when Mat my lad decides to do something truly selfless. How many books down the line will that be..? 5...? 8...?

Oh well of course, yes. When you put it like that, Mat, it’s obvious how the girls will get you out!

So much happened that I forgot about that paper the Amyrlin Seat gave them when she handed them their mission. You’ll leave with no problems.

Your luck is good, Mat.

I like Mat’s whole gambling persona, but here’s my issue:

He did not gamble in book 1. We hardly heard mention of gambling in book 2, and now suddenly every character who thinks of Mat immediately only thinks of gambling..? Everyone.

It seems to be his defining characteristic now.

I get why it has happened this way. It’s tough to plan for such a long series such as this and it’s only now that we see Mat’s POV and he needs a strong character trait that is something other than: “likes treasures and his precious dagger”.

But we could have eased into it instead of suddenly having every character constantly say: Mat=gambling.

On another note, I adore Mat’s continued and constant observations about women and how little he feels like he understands.

He hasn’t been acting like the irresponsible jokester since book 1, but he certainly is a fun lad to read about now that he has his own POV chapters!


Day 9 : the day Mat filled his pockets and then got attacked.


Wisdom! That’s no way to talk about another women!

She certainly does have a temper this one.

Little less. Mostly temper.

Ah yes it was good timing. Good that you girls decided to give it another half a day before you left.

At least now you get to report first.

Oh Egwene you woolheaded girl... no tact, no tact.

The lads were just starting to learn but now it’s like I’m starting the “survival for woolheads” training program all over again for the girls.

Please, no more.

Aha! I knew the other one would be a women. But something tells me this is not the end of it. This is also very odd. Dead how? Who killed her? And why there? How?

.....Selene? Did you have a hand in this?

Aha! I knew I remembered something about Else being sent away.

It’s good that the Wisdom mentioned Else so that they could get this information.

Selene really did plant all of that there. Why? What is she out to do?

Wow.... how is she speaking like this to the Amyrlin Seat? And why is the Amyrlin taking it and not severely punishing the Wisdom...?

The Wisdom needs to calm down and learn to control her emotions.

Ahh that makes sense. But then, in that case, if the princess’ letter gets delivered, the Queen will be truly furious.

This will surely sever the little trust that remains between the Queen and Aes Sedai.

Oh goodness, Rand. There’s a worthy weapon. And two others she says... more powerful.... that’s...

3 weapons. And we have 3 ta’veren.

I’m just saying...

Ouch. I quite like it when the Wisdom is put in her place like this. She so often jumps to conclusions and is quick to anger without fully assessing the situation.

It isn’t a smart battle strategy. Sooner or later that’s going to her, and likely also others, into a lot of trouble.

Ohh Mat my lad.

This a good example of what it is that I adore in his POV chapters.

I’m starting to get why so many people favour Mat if he stays consistent with this.

Oh yes I was wondering what would happen to that when he walked away with it. Good! Now you have a weapon, Mat my lad.

You’re as ready as you’ll ever be, then.

Seriously never knew that Mat had this much Wisdom.

Where was all of that wisdom before he took the dagger in book one?

He had charm back then but little to no wisdom. In fact he was very foolish, especially at the thought of a certain great treasure.

It might, Mat my lad. It might.

Be careful. This whole endeavour could get you killed en route, or even upon arrival.

The Queen strikes me as someone who might decide to have the messenger killers just to send the message that she isn’t pleased.

Wow Mat’s luck is good!

He is going to fill his pockets until he has no more pockets to fill. Plenty of money for him to travel and stay at the expensive inns and get hot meal every night.

He is going to be clinking as he walks down the road.
Everything is always about gambling or dancing with Mat these days.

I do like those characteristics, but I’d like to know more too. Like:

Why does he like those things so much?

And when did he start gambling?

Some... pretty hefty powers there, Mat. Care to dial it down a tone before someone takes offense?

Is this the old timey person’s strength or how is he able to do this?

What? So many of them! I thought it was just one or two people.

Why are they after him? At whose orders? To what end?

Selene... Do we need to have another talk about boundaries..?

I will bet you that’s a Grey man too! And if there are grey men... then we’re dealing with the Dark One. Is May the reason they were in the White Tower?

And why kill Mat? Is the Dark One trying to take out one of legs of the tripod and make the whole thing topple? Or get to the Horn?

Day 10 : the day Thom returned, again

Oh oh oh! Thom is back!!!

I did not expect that. Especially not in Tar Valon. Maybe elsewhere, later but not here. Oh Thom and Mat would make a good team.

That is the most Thom entrance ever.

He did the same thing when he first met Rand ages after they parted ways. This Gleeman is never satisfied with the smaller crowds, still thinking himself in the Queen’s high court.

Wow Thom readily speaks the Queen’s name like that.

Thom... you... talk too much, sometimes. At least when you’re drunk.

But I have news for you: Mat is going to go meet your Morgase.

I knew it was you Thom!! Thank you, for confirming that you killed that King.

I was certain it was you. We have a lot to learn about you, yet.

What kind of past are you hiding that killing a king is just... something you’d do..?

Ah well that explains it. Punishing yourself, eh Thom? Well, lucky for you Mat my lad here has a proposal that will be able to serve as even better punishment.

Travel with a ta’veren, right into the Queen’s doorstep. Oh it’ll be torture alright, Thom.

Hahah I feel you Mat my lad. Sometimes I get hungry too.

Yours is a little more extreme. A little...

I wonder how long Mat’s hunger will last. He usually gets very weak and hungry after a fight, and also just with time.

As I said: pure torture, Thom. The Pattern is pulling you back with these ta’veren boys. One way or another you’re going to end up going. Better go at your own free well.

It’s going to be awkward when the Queen or Elaida corner Thom.

How is a silver Tar Valon Mark different from a silver mark? Is it just the same but with an image of Tar Valon...?

I got confused when I first read this and thought maybe it was some Aes Sedai thing like the coin Moiraine gave the lads in book 1.

They’re grey men, Mat. The real question is how many are they? And do they know where you’re headed?

There seems to be Darkfriends all over these lands. So much for the Whitecloaks surrounding Tar Valon.

Haha Mat my lad has good humour and a light tone even in the midst of all of this peril.

I like Mat a lot. His POV chapters are fun to read and often make me laugh or at the very least smile.

Uh uh, dear captain, you’re going to wish you hadn‘t said that because Mat is rattling with coins. Gold and silver and he is not afraid to spend it because he has a gambling habit to feed.

Win lots of money, use it all right away. Travel light.

Mat is smart. He is nothing like the in the first book. He is almost... wise.

Did he hit his head when the Aes Sedai healed him or something? Did they trigger some untapped potential? Would his dear old da even recognise the young wise man Mat has turned into?

See what I mean? Super wise guy this Mat. We sure could have used that wisdom in the first two books. Well at least we have it now.

I wonder how he is going to evolve from here. He seems to have less... personal insecurities than Perrin and Rand.

The political situation of these lands intrigues me.

Has Tear ever had kings (or queens)?

In either case they’re still going with specific bloodlines, I assume. So not too different from royalty just more than one royal making decisions.

Uh... Lord Samon sounds like a Darkfriend. The bad kind. The really bad kind.

That’s almost Seanchan tactics.

And why if they’re brought to the stone...?

Is Selene onto this...? Is this her doing?

(Yes, yes I know, I suspect her of everything)

Ha! that would go over well, I’m sure. Thom is really sazzy at times.

Also: Lord Samon is definitely a Darkfriend, at the very least. Possibly, I'm guessing, he is Ishmael..?

Some terrible evil person, for sure.

The Dark One’s Eyes, you say.

I’m starting to wonder where your luck came from, Mat.

Who was on your side?

Was it something innate thing in him or was it some external Power..?

They are probably Grey Men but not very effective assassins. They rely too much on their numbers and their apparently ineffective stealth mode.

Unless it’s just Mat being super sharp, and not them being super bad assassins. I think they're just bad assassins.

Oh Blood and Ashes Mat. I’m sorry. Well you’ve killed Trollocs before, at least. I know they’re not really people; but that has got to count for something. If you remember that.

Oh!! Our second Rand section! We’re only a bit past halfway through a book called The Dragon Reborn.

I think that puts us on at a generous count of 5 pages out of 375. That’s a little more than 1% of the book that I expected to be ALL about Rand.

Slightly misleading title.
Wow Rand. You’re still denying it...

We’re at least half a year into your journey, closer to a year. And we’re over 1000 pages in. You have been given all of the clues. Been called the Dragon Reborn for a while by—as you say—both living and dead. AND STILL YOU DENY IT??

Yes. Okay with that sort of strong denial, I’m glad that we haven’t seen much of Rand.

But we spent the first 100 pages with Perrin and now we’re almost exclusively with Mat and the girls. When will we see Perrin again..?

So that’s the tune Selene is singing to him these days. “If you do this, you’ll see me again, Rand al’Woolhead.”

Grr. She’s cunning, using all the advantage of her beauty. This is why I suspect her at every turn when something goes wrong.


Day 11 : the day Perrin met Falcon

I love these fairytale snippets that are left behind on Rand’s trail.

Okay the burning village was less lovely, I admit, but overall I adore them.

They give me a certain nostalgia for childhood, and yet also add such a lovely and warm feeling to this world.

Hmm I wonder what that smell is.
Is it a trace of Rand?

A foresaken..?

A grey man...?

I wonder what role this Aielman will have to play in the pattern, and why he is so integral to Perrin’s future that Min fixated on him.

Well Perrin, there is no way to avoid your future, you better make sure this Aielman isn’t killed.

20 years?? I thought this was ages ago! It hasn’t even been a century. Hardly even a generation! That’s so recent!

No wonder people don’t like them when it’s so recent.

Isn’t Rand about 20 years old..? There's a connection here, isn’t there?

Hm... this hunter... we’re going to see him again aren’t we?

It seems dangerous to be around these Hunters. They’re adventurers, and they sniff where they're not supposed to. Well, technically they're sniffing the right way, because this group certainly does know where the Horn is.

Uh no, Whitecloaks. I hope they don’t recognise Perrin.

There is certainly some beef there that needs to be resolved some day.

And on this I actually agree with the Horn Hunter.

Ohh Loial is always so sweet. Sung wood!

I knew he would be happy when the inn owner said they had a real Ogier bed they would bring up. But I did not imagine sung wood.

I bet that bed would offer good sleep.

Well maybe he has learned to travel, except, do remember that he is self-taught so he might not know exactly what he can do with it.

He has likely discovered it by chance.

Haha yes they’re handsome our three lads. But.... Moiraine, you should learn to take him seriously. Because I fear that this is worse.

I worried when we first saw her. Initially I suspected Selene, but she wasn’t perfect enough to be. I fear she is something similar, though.

Oh Perrin. Especially after that last wolfbrother, eh?

I’m glad Perrin listened to the call of destiny (and the moral call within himself) and freed this Aielman. It feels... important.

A Stone Dog meeting a Wolfbrother. They were fated to me. I’m liking this developing friendship and mutual respect. For once I’m actually okay with Perrin sharing the truth.

...I don’t know why I trust the Aiel. Maybe because they remind me of Rand?

Normally I would have been screaming “Woolhead!!!” at Perrin, but no, I actually think this is wise.

The Aielmen are part of this.

What was theirs and lost..? Rand?
Oh great, NOW the Whitecloaks decide to show up.

Well, Perrin, I don’t think you’re going to be popular with these guys either after you kill this group...

You thought what Lan?? At this point everything is important! Perrin smelled something off in this place and that girl was watching him.

Whatever you thought, it was important.

Who is this girl anyways?
THE FALCON?? So soon after the Aielman!?

So... the Falcon was supposed to be a girl right...?

So is that girl who was watching Perrin?

Hmm... is this some ancient past...?

Like with Mat? Some old instincts?

Or is it a wolf thing?

Old or new?

Okay, what is she up to?

She is not nearly as smooth as Selene. I take back my earlier suspicions.

If it was her giving off the strange smell Perrin would have commented on it now, so it wasn’t.

Oh Perrin. I haven’t seen him relax this much with some in ages. Well actually, possibly ever.

I am uncertain about this girl. She seems.... too trusting? Too eager?

I don't think she's a darkfriend, but I still don't have to like her.

That, I can understand, but why is she telling him everything so openly? And why is she trying to sound smart...?

And talking so much?

I’m undecided about this girl. I’d like to like her from that last line but talks a bit too much for my liking.

Hm. That seems out of character for Perrin. Usually he would scold himself for saying that out loud. Rand may say it and mean it but Perrin second guesses himself and tends to be a bit more... progressive. At least from what we’ve seen in book 1 and 2.

I suppose it does account for her being condescending towards him, though.

How does SHE know of Manetheren? Because even our Two Rivers folk didn’t know of it before Moiraine told them.

Ha! I knew that name sounded familiar! Oh that’s funny. Feels like a bit of payback after she has been talking down to Perrin like that.

First off, girl: he is a blacksmith, and if you’d looked twice at his arms you’d know that.

Second off: farmboy isn’t an insult.

Oh yes, of course she is the falcon.

I don’t think she a Forsaken or even evil. She doesn’t seem nearly smart enough.

She’s just someone who got caught up with a ta’veren, for some reason.

I’m a bit worried I won’t like her.

She’s giving me Min vibes. But I guess we’ll see.


Day 12 : the day Perrin uncovered the truth about Selene


A Selene chapter.... oh no....! Do we have to..? I really don’t like her.

I hope she doesn’t do something exceptionally evil or try to frame our lovable characters for something.

Play nice, Selene, or you can’t go the playground anymore.

Blessedly, you say, Perrin.

I happen to have a different opinion. I’m over here worried sick that you’re going to go to sleep and not have the help of the wolves in your dreams.

I worry that all that’s keeping you safe in your dreams are those wolves.

It’s so nice to see Hopper here.

Our connection to him in life was so short lived, but his dying moments were epic and it’s nice to see Perrin’s connection to him, even if it is in the dream world.

...has this man never had a dream before?

Or am I the weird one out?

I often have strange dreams that feel completely real, especially when I’m in them, but oftentimes also after waking.

If having dreams that feel real is a sign of madness then.... send urgent help!

Uhh the Dark One! Wouldn’t want to meet him, even in an unrealistic dream.

Also, how and why is Perrin seeing this? Who put him there to watch...?
SELENE ALERT!! Lock your doors, close your windows! Selene is in town!

In a way her perfection is very useful. She becomes very easy to spot. If something is a little too shiny or perfect you can be certain Selene is behind it.

Ah good. Now at least Perrin knows the truth and hopefully he won’t be as dumb as Min and KEEP IT TO HIMSELF. Come on, this is important stuff. They all need to know. Especially Rand.

Also, Selene controls dreams? Is she the one who planted Perrin there..?

Huh? It was Hopper. But Hopper is dead. Are we sure it wasn’t an intended trick by Selene?

Oh what is she up to?

Interestingly, she is not afraid of the Dark One, and that only makes her more terrifying.

Me too, Perrin, me too. Crying like a girl.

Oh Hopper. Accomplishing his dreams of flying! Isn’t that beautiful?

Hopper became my favourite wolf in that one paragraph right when he died. It was terrible. And I can’t even blame that one on Selene.

Yes, good Perrin! Tell her of annoying Selene! At least now Selene can’t fool any of you guys.

Seriously, why didn’t Min tell them all about this?

Seems like really dangerous information to keep to yourself.

You had us worried for a moment there, Moiraine. So... are you telling him to be careful not to tell anyone else this?

You do realise that he likely never would have, right? Only you, because you’re helping them and there has to be some mutual trust there for this thing to work.

Well done Perrin. You’re always very good at getting straight to the truth. That’s a very neat skill. You’re also very good at listening to your instincts, another good skill.

Please remember this next time you meet an incredibly beautiful Woman... Or a hawk.

Okay, Moiraine. See, this is why no one trusts you.

That is not cool. If you want them to tell you important stuff then you gotta keep them in the loop. From what I’ve learnt about Aes Sedai, this seems like a Blue Ajah thing.

After how Moiraine just dismissed you, Perrin, I don’t even blame you for holding stuff back anymore. As long as it’s not important stuff.

But then again, who is to say what is important and what isn’t? Lanfear being loose is incredibly important but Moiraine barely blinked.

Is this Grey man, possibly? Trying to get close to Rand to assassinate him. Thinking he will be an easy target since he has no weapon... not realising that


Yes, that’s badass.

We’ve met the falcon, so who is the hawk? Two women yes? And fighting...? Over Perrin? Over something else?

Reading about Perrin jumping from a cliff I’m glad we at least know that Hopper can fly.

It is technically possible, then. At least in the world of dreams.

So a grey man for Mat, surprise, surprise. Of course there would be more assassins.

As for the woman with fireworks, I don’t know, but that seems interesting.

I trust that’s not Selene..? Or it would have been “perfectly beautiful woman”

Egwene is really becoming an Aes Sedai now, thinking like that.

She even sounds a bit like a Blue Ajah. I had really hoped she would decide to become a Green battle Ajah, because that’s super cool.

I wonder what the princess would choose.

Aha I remember being told about this when I was on an earlier book but this is the first time the sentiment really lands with me.

The princess seems to have visited very little of her kingdom. One would think that visiting the entire kingdom would be mandatory training.

Okay, we get it. The Wisdom has a braid and when she’s angry she tugs on it. It was a nice detail the first three times it was brought up.

Now it’s every time we see the Wisdom.

I get it. She is basically the hulk. She is angry ALL THE TIME.

Oh dear princess... If your goal is to make these two girls stop their tug of war for power, then I suggest you stop.

The Wisdom does need to be challenged. She doesn’t do well with power and Egwene does need to assert herself.

I’m only sorry that you’re caught in the middle, princess.

Yes. The Wisdom need to learn to make decisions with the others instead of deciding for everyone and wanting to do everything on her own.

Wisdom. This was Moiraine mistake.

You’re turning into Moiraine, Wisdom.

I assume that’s the last thing you’d want.


Day 13 : the day our girls met Spear maidens

Egwene is really growing to be a proper Aes Sedai.

She has come so far! She started out as a girl studying to be Wisdom and dreaming of leaving Two Rivers, someday.

(Also I ADORE reading about the Aiel, so I’m excited about this development)

Hmm that sounds about right although that really depends on the type of bow.

Traditional Korean bows are shot at a 145 meter range which would be about 190 paces. Obviously those bows can shoot further but the targets are placed at 145m for a regular training session. That is highly unusual for traditional archery worldwide. So yes. A different bow might not shoot quite as far.

Long memories...? 20 years...?? Even I remember things from 20 years ago.

Do people die THAT young in this world...?

In other news: the princess is BOLD.

It’s in moments like these that the truly Wisdom shines!

She is very condescending generally but it’s fun to read when she is being condescending to others and not the princess and Egwene.

Haha ohh this is good. I love this. Of course the Aiel would be unfamiliar with these things and find it scary. At least if they’re 20 years old or younger and don’t remember what the rest of the world looks like.

It’s remarkable that they have come so far, actually, considering how strange this world must be to them. Green and water everywhere. Cold too, I would assume.