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Wheel of Time 3 : The Dragon Reborn (part 2)

This is NOT a review of the Wheel of Time books. I suppose you can call it a reaction blog... For it is a collection of my live reactions and thoughts to reading the Wheel of Times series for the first time.

The thoughts were originally shared on Twitter and have now been collected here for everyone's convenience. These are my full reactions from the second Wheel of Time book, with some post-read writerly thoughts at the very end.

To gain better understanding of what this is all about, please refer to this blog.

This time, I divided my readings up into days. You can find part 1 here.

Let's get on with it.


The Dragon Reborn


Day 7 : the day Mat fought two soon to be Warders with a quarterstaff


Well, Mat, you really blew that one. Now you’ve alerted them all.

Certainly no one will let you pass now.

Also this sounds like Domon’s accent so he is a native of Illian..? I don’t know why I didn’t pick up on that sooner.

That’s really odd. How would she know?

And why is she being all suspicious? And wasn’t Else sent out of the White Tower? Why do I feel like I remember someone talking about that...?

Warders?? Ohhh! Mat is about to meet Gawyn and Galad, isn’t he??

Go on, Mat my lad, make friends with the Warders.

I bet Gawyn will make a good friend especially for Mat and Galad... well he is Galad and not that much fun. Though I suppose it’s fun to pick on him.

Aha! Told ya so!

And Gawyn really makes everything so easy. He is really friendly and easy to get along with. Thoughtful but forthcoming.

I like Gawyn. Can we get more of Gawyn, please?

Oh. Oops. Sorry, Galad. Here I was saying you’re only fun because I can mock you...

I suppose I’m not as morally black and white as you. I’d be much better friends with the other two lads here.

(Also it’s fun that Galad is intimidated by the Wisdom)

Oh it’s on! They’re going to get their asses kicked by a sickly boy, aren’t they?

Because that old time-y person he had some memories of was some sort of warrior.

If Mat can channel (pun intended) that man, he will come out victorious.

That’s my guess.

Uhhh, shivers. This is good!

He is so going to win with the spirit of a warrior who has been dead for centuries.

I readily admit, I’ve very quickly become very invested in Mat my lad’s journey. His POVs are engaging.

You weren’t thinking. Instinct, reflexes only. Well done my lad!

He really did channel that old timey person, didn’t he? I wonder who that guy really is.

Also guys... I think this is the first real fight where we have had actual description of movements.

Shivers again. Awesome!!

Is the person Mat can remember this person who defeated Jearom, then?

Because that would be awesome. I look forward to see how this will unfold.

Huh? Then that’s not it then. It runs in the old blood. Moiraine did say something about the bloodlines being strong and how they haven’t lost the old spirit.

Mat’s and Rand’s fathers are pretty badass.

I never really knew until this book.

A bit about Tam but not like this.

Ha! Poor Galad fighting for himself against accepted and Green Ajah on a daily basis to stay unclaimed as a Warder.

I do almost feel bad for the guy, with all of these girls scratching each other’s eyes out to be next in line to touch him.

Ehhh Mat my lad, don’t you ignore what’s happening to you.

You’re not as dumb as you look and as we were led to believe from your actions in WoT 1. Please don’t ignore this. Please pursue this to find out whatever it is that’s happening to you.

Even Rand is not this mad... yet.

Oh no!!

Not Selene! Not now! Stay away Lanfear!!

Huh? It’s an Egwene chapter... what?

Don’t be so quick to dismiss these dreams, Egwene. I think what you do is glimpse the future.

Sometimes the present but often the future, at least as it could be.

That could be very useful. So you better be careful with Whitecloaks!

Uh so it’s like Min’s abilities, except in dreams so somewhat harder to control but also with more information.

Perrin is that hawk and falcon two girls? Please tell me one of them isn’t Lanfear. Anyone else! Anyone!

Hm, I don’t know how I feel about the Odin connection for Mat.

Well that’s a hell of a coincidence. And highly unlikely.

Why does the Dark One specifically need these Aes Sedai who are so different from one another?

Oh yes, her daughter... gosh this one really linger on her.

Also: I like that two characters are allowed to have the same name.

Because that happen in real life. I know many people with the same names, but in fantasy it rarely ever happens that two characters share a name.

Ohh I suppose that could be a reason, yes. Personally I was just wondering why they needed so many different women.

I suppose it could be a show of power: "look, we can convert anyone."

I think there’s more to it, though. There is another reason.

This is a very good point.

But, I happen to know that she was a BOOK BURNER, and therefore evil.

But yes, there could be someone worse than her, I suppose. There could be a library burner or a puppy killer.

Who is this Corianin Nedeal? A black Ajah? Someone unlucky whose notes a black Ajah happened to get their fingers on?

Why don’t I hear Egwene wondering who she is? Am I already supposed to know?

(I was promptly aided my twitter folks to find out who she was)

Ohhh that’s what Egwene mentioned she might use against the 13 Aes Sedai and fades when she went through her accepted trials!!

So we know Egwene is going to use this and learn to control it, even.

How..? In a dream? That sounds like it’ll be very dangerous.