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Reading: the Wheel of Time

Dear internet,

As a fantasy lover, reader and writer, the Wheel of Time series had long been on my list of must-reads. I knew that I would likely adore the series, but equally it is remarkably long and I never quite felt like the timing was right, because I wanted to give these books the time and attention an epic series deserves.

2020 came around, and suddenly, the right time to read the Wheel of Times presented itself to me. I was quick to grab the opportunity.

As I began to read the first book in the series, I thought: "Hey... wouldn't it be fun if I live-tweeted my experience?" Two heartbeats later I had taken to Twitter. Which is surprising, because that was the first time in my life, I truly seemed to grasp the potential of the Twitter-verse.

I ended up tweeting pretty much any and all major and minor thought I had while reading the first book. However, the vice of Twitter is that once a tweet has disappeared off the timeline, it falters away into oblivion and is Blood and Ashes hard to find again.

To overcome this problem, I've decided to collect all of my tweets about the Wheel of Time books here (simultaneously correcting typos, and maybe adding some thoughts), for your, and mostly for my own, viewing pleasure.

I certainly know that once I'm finished reading the entirety of the series, I'm going to enjoy looking back at this and laugh at how terribly wrong I was. You're very welcome to do the same.

I shall continue to live tweet my thoughts on the next books, as I read them, but once I'm done reading, I'll collect all of my tweets on my website, in a blog and link to it bellow, so I'll always be able to find them again and laugh at myself.

Experience the collection of my live tweets about the Wheel of Time series here:

5. The Fires of Heaven

6. Lord of Chaos

7. A Crown of Swords

8. The Path of Daggers

9. Winter's Heart

10. Crossroads of Twilight

11. Knife of Dreams

12. The Gathering Storm

13. Towers of Midnight

14. A Memory of Light

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