[THEORY] Army, we need to talk about 'Chatroom'

We really need to talk about how this film connects with the Blood, Sweat and Tears music video, Army!

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For those of you who don't know it, 'Chatroom' is a British film from 2010, directed by Hideo Nakata (a Japanese filmmaker perhaps best known for his horror film 'The Ring', and it was referenced in the Blood, Sweat and Tears MV.

The film is about five troubled and partially suicidal friends teens who meet up in an online chatroom and talk about their problems.

Nothing strange about that, right..? Sure it does bare a few resemblances to the HYYH era, but nothing to talk about. You might even ask: How does that connect to BTS?

Well here's how their online chatroom is visually portrayed in the film:

Chatroom, Blood, sweat, & tears, BTS, theory, Kpop, K-pop Encyclopedia

Does it feel familiar yet...?

Chatroom, Blood, sweat, & tears, BTS, theory, Kpop, K-pop Encyclopedia

The wallpaper? The feel of the room? The windows on the floor...?

Chatroom, Blood, sweat, & tears, BTS, theory, Kpop, K-pop Encyclopedia, Suga

That's right, it's the room Suga and Jimin are in!

Similar set up, similar wallpaper. Those strange windows on the floor. And that's just the beginning of it all.

In the BST MV, the camera pans from Rap Monster's and Jungkook's room up to Suga and Jimin, and right there is the decisive clue that references this movie.

Chatroom, Blood, sweat, & tears, BTS, theory, Kpop, K-pop Encyclopedia, Suga, Jimin

"Chatroom 2, 3"

Covering that note would have been SO easy if bighit didn't want us to make the association - if it was just where they had bought the set from, for example - and yet it's there, in the final cut of the MV.

The room isn't identical to the one in 'Chatroom' either. It's very close, but the colours are different, doors too and the wallpaper has changed slightly.

So it isn't the same set as in the film, and that means that someone CHOSE to write "Chatroom 2, 3" to label the set. They could have named it so many things, "Room 2, 3" for example, and yet they chose Chatroom.

I can only see this as a clean and clear reference to the film.

Thanks to this decisive clue I had known for a while that there was a reference to this film in the MV, but I didn't include it in my past theory as I didn't have time to go through the film and see for myself how much it actually corresponds.

Let's just say that I was quite surprised by the many correlations.


Allow me to share my findings.

The film opens when the main character, William, walks down an empty hallway. He stops in front of a door, puts up his hoodie (about to do mischief) and takes out his graffiti can.

Already, this made me scream: V!! V! That's V!!
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Both in the Prologue and in the Run MV, V's character is the one who does graffiti.

It's a trait that keep comings back for V's character in HYYH.

V particularly enjoys putting graffiti around his friends and then a cross over them too, almost as if marking them for dead.

This characteristic, unfortunately, fits well with the character of William.

(you will see why I say unfortunately)

William is the main character of 'Chatroom' and he actively assists and encourages people online to commit suicide!

He chooses someone and marks them for dead, then doing everything in his power to make the kill themselves.

On a small side note: William pulls up his hoodie as he is about to start his mischief, or is about to do something bad, and V's character does the same.

In I Need U and RUN and in the short film too, J-Hope is having mental health issues and is seen taking a cocktail of pills.

In 'Chatroom' the second main character is Jim, who is highly depressed. His father left him at the zoo when he was just a little kid and that left deep scars.

He has been on anti-depressants since he was 8.

This is the precise reason I was not surprised by the sad past of J-Hope's character in the Highlight Reels, it fit with this story so precisely.

J-Hope's character very much follows in the steps of Jim from Chatroom.

While it's V who acts as a tempter in Blood, Sweat & Tears, in 'Chatroom' William who makes the others do things they otherwise wouldn't.

He encourages sweet Emily to rebel against her parents, convinces Mo to talk to his friend about having a crush on the friend's 11 year old sister, and even encourages Jim to go off his anti-depressants.

These choices and acts of rebellion that William tempts them to make pulls the others into deeper problems.

Mo has a serious falling out with his friend and gets called pedophile.

Meanwhile Jim is completely incapable of handling himself without the anti-depressants.

William, however seems to revel in their misery.

It even makes him smirk.