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Virtual Tour

The day has arrived! This is the end of my third week in South Korea (I can’t believe that so much time has gone by, I think I’m going to cry forever when I have to leave this place in just a bit over two months). But what I really wanted to say is that it is time for a virtual tour of Graduate Dormitory, building B, floor seven.

But before we start the exciting tour I wanted to share my hard work.

That was that, now let’s get down to business, or should I say the dishes? I’m sorry, that was a terrible joke, these do tend to pop up when I’m tired.

Starting from the left we have our most valued appliance: the water tank. On the right side very cold water comes out and on the left very hot water comes out, it is the most important object in the kitchen. In the middle we have two other highly valued appliances: our microwave (used to cook noodles, vegetables, eggs, etc.) and our grill (under high request in the morning since everyone eats toast in the morning). And finally we have our recycling corner on the right. Thankfully I’m used to recycling from England so it isn’t so difficult this time around, had I just arrived from France I would constantly have been wondering where to put everything, just like my room mate did at the beginning.

Actually I got quite a shock last week in the evening when I went into the kitchen to get some cold water and ran into a guy in there. I was completely shocked and when I got back to our room I told Unnie, who just replied: ‘yea, I saw him on my first day.’ After a couple of minutes we then figured out that it was two different guys, meaning that at least 2 guys live on the same floor as us. Actually, I normally wouldn’t freak out about this, I’ve lived in boarding school and shared bathroom with guys, but I remember reading somewhere that only girls could apply to stay in the dormitory… This morning I ran into another one of the guys in the elevator and I’ve found out that the rooms just across the kitchen all have guys living in them. This brings me to this morning’s anecdote: When we got out of the elevator Unnie told me that she didn’t want to go around with me anymore. I was quite surprised and asked her why. After a while she said that if she stays with me all the time she will never find a guy because they all stare at me, but not her. Turns out that the guy had be staring at me when we went down the elevator, I didn’t notice anything, but Unnie always does and complains lots about it every day….

Here we have the elevator that we take down to the basement ever day (the basement is where the closest exit is) next to it you can see our hallway and our door (the first one to the left). And to all of you ultra observant people (you know who you are): yes, that is my reflexion on the door.

uh-uh, also notice that we don’t have keys but a student card to get into the building and a password for our door.

Here is a random fact about our bathroom: well first off we have our own bathroom so we don’t use the shared bathrooms. Actually all of the rooms have their own bathrooms but some people don’t use them, why? Well it’s very simple, there is no specific space to shower, there is just a shower head attached to the tap so when you take a shower everything in the bathroom gets wet. Besides some people are shy and the doors to the bathroom are see-through (but blurred in the middle) so if people are awkward with their room mate I reckon that they might find it awkward to take a shower in the room.

This is my half of the room. We have made some space above each of our beds to dry our clothes when it is raining outside or when there is no space for them outside. Ok, I admit, my table looks so messy, Unnie’s looks pretty much the same. I just somehow ended up accumulating a lot of small things that just makes it seem so messy whenever I’m using my table…

There is really something about living in such a busy place as Seoul, especially so close to Sincheon (Sincheon station can be seen on the left of the picture in the left corner). The wonderful thing about this specific place is that we also have the calm school scenario right there as well as busy Seoul, our view never gets boring.

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