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Unexisting day

I feel like I’ve already writing my blog today, and I actually have, even though I was writing about what happened yesterday and last night.

Unnie was sick today and actually that came a bit to my advantage because it left me unable to feel sorry for myself, even at the sight of my many battle bruises from the previous night. I often get bruises and hurt myself without really knowing when or how, but when I spend an entire night out, or if touch alcohol, I usually hurt myself even more. A couple of the bruises are quite obviously from when I climbed over the toilet door, I have two big bruises on both palms and one on each leg. I also have two similar ones, just bigger on my right arm and now that I think about it it might have been for the same time because I can’t think of any other time that I could have gotten them (and yes: I remember everything, I didn’t get drunk even though we drank a lot, being a Dane makes my blood is a bit too strong for that).

Unfortunately Unnie was having a really hard time today and stayed in bed the entire day. I helped her to take her computer over to her bed, along with the internet cable (yes, that is how sick she was), and prepared food for her. I also bought some groceries and just relaxed at home the rest of the day.

I bought us a plate of Chocolate. But I must say: Korean chocolate has a lot to admire from European chocolate. I still haven’t found satisfying chocolate, nor satisfying cookies, here. This is probably isn’t such a bad thing, but from my chocolate gourmand point of view it’s quite fascinating.

Small note to self: Things to do before/when arriving in South Korea the next time:

– Get a Korean Alien Card (that will give me a Korean ID number that I need in order to get into most events here).

– Join SHINee’s Big Bang’s and 2NE1’s official fan-clubs.

– Get Internet Explorer to work on my mac (as a lot of ticket sale sites only work with IE…).

– and, finally, do research on how to buy concert tickets before trying to buy them…

On a side note: I expected that I would be very tired today, but even though I only got 4 hours of sleep I was perfectly fine the entire day. Unnie seems to have gotten better now, I hope that she will have recovered completely tomorrow.

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