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Tricks and fun

First thing in the morning, even before saying good morning to each other (we’re both corpses in the morning), we headed out to the ultimate weekend destination. I think that we rode the metro for an hour before we finally arrived.

After that we got a bit down the scary hill and started scaring the poor children who were running around all excited.

I think that we managed to experience everything in those three hours. Getting elected president, escaping from Titanic and going skiing were just a couple of the things we managed to do.

We also transformed into mermaids…

… and went under the sea.

But just as we headed home again we got attacked by enormous and furious animals.

I don’t know how we managed to survived but then suddenly we were getting killed in one innovative way after the other.

We went up to some people and asked them to take some pictures for us. Every time we asked someone they looked at us in amazement, but eventually smiled and took some nice pictures for us.

Actually Our poses often made people laugh, me posing as a man on the above photo for example made a lot of people laugh. It seems that we were the school clowns of the day.

Some of the people that took pictures of us weren’t quite sure wether they should speak English or Korean, obviously confused between my face and our Korean language capacity, we don’t blame them, but their reactions did make us laugh afterwards.

As soon as we went outside of the museum we saw the rain and slightly regretted not having spent even more time inside. It was raining so much that we both now cursed our choice of clothes (white T-shirts and rain just doesn’t do it for us).

As you might have heard the rain in Seoul has been quite terrible lately, but we haven’t felt it much because we live at Ewha, that is built on a mountain so all of the water goes down to the bottom of the hill, and Ewha looks the same as always. However the Trick Museum is situated in a place surrounded by small mountains so we knew that we shouldn’t stay long in case it got a lot worse, which wasn’t impossible. Thankfully the rain got OK after a while and we managed to get some food before we left with the metro again.

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