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Three big men standing at the corner of a street

‘Any other ideas?’ Luke asks as he scans their entourage. The bank in front of them is almost empty. Only one security guard. The street is filled with tourists and school kids. An escape would be easy.

‘Actually Luke… I… I’m not so sure about this…’ Charlie mutters and fiddles with a corner of his navy blue jacket. Luke sighs.

‘We have already discussed this, Charlie.’

‘Yes, I agree with Luke, we’ve already talked about it.’ Jack says and tiptoes as though he is trying to grow taller, despite overtaking Luke with a foot.

‘So..?’ Luke asks, raising his eyebrows. He looks at his two accomplices.

Charlie presses his glasses higher up on his nose with his index finger.

‘Well… I could always try to go in with my girlfriend.’ His eyes flicker up to look at Luke.

‘Idiot.’ Luke hits him on the head. ‘You don’t even have a girlfriend.’

‘Yea, you don’t even have one,’ Jack mimics, trying to hit Charlie as well but missing. ‘Just cause you’ve been staring at her since the beginning of the year doesn’t mean that she is your girlfriend.’

A girl in a miniskirt walks past the three big men. Luke stares at her.

Jack coughs. ‘Kate might be up for it, she asked me out last week.’ He smiles proudly.

Luke nods slowly as he considers the proposal. ‘It’s true… the staff won’t suspect anything if we go inside with a girl. Call her.’

Jack loosens his tie and takes out his phone from his pocket. He searches through his contacts before putting the phone to his ear. Luke and Charlie both look at him expectantly.

‘Hi, Kate.’ He pauses and touches his tie. ‘I was just wondering…’ He looks at Luke who mouths: ‘Where?’

Jack coughs. ‘Where are you?’ His eyes flicker over towards the lingerie shop across the corner. A poster shows a woman in pink lingerie and high heels provokingly spreading her legs. He coughs again. ‘Cool, we’re at the corner of the street… Yea. OK.’ He hangs up.

‘Well, what did she say?’ Jack puts his phone back in his pocket.

‘She is right up the street. She is coming now.’ Luke nods in approval.

‘Do you think that it’ll work?’ Charlie asks, his eyes glint at the thought.

‘Yea, I’m sure that I can get her to go in with me.’ Jack hungrily eyes the mannequin in a corset displayed in the window of the Lingerie shop.

But Luke quickly shatters his hopes: ‘You are not going in with her.’ He laughs. ‘What did you expect? Look at what you are wearing, no way they will believe that you are old enough to have a girlfriend like her.’ Luke seems satisfied with the turn of events and shows off his casual clothes. ‘You two didn’t expect to get in wearing clothes like that did you?’ He asks mockingly.

Charlie and Jack both look down at their navy blue school uniforms.

Jack flares up in anger.

‘Either I’m getting inside that Lingerie shop, or Kate isn’t helping.’ He readdresses himself in hopes of making Luke realise that if it came down to a fight Jack would easily win with his height of five feet and one inch.

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