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The Walled City

This morning my head was working at a max so, completely unlike me, I forgot to take photos.

The day started in Kei’s parents’ restaurant where her father made Hong Kong style french toast (I have to admit that it was the best toast I have ever tasted). Originally I was supposed to go to Kei’s house but luckily a man that I had heard a lot about before, and we had waited for last time I went to their restaurant, had arrived at Kei’s parents’ restaurant this morning and I finally got to meet him. He is a very good fortune teller, whose words always come true, so I have heard a lot about him from Kei. So, naturally, I got my fortune read. I will not write everything he told me here, but I will share his first observation. ‘You’re like water,’ he said in Cantonese, ‘You always move and find new ways, but you are also similar to water in that you are very strong and will find a way to survive in any situation’. I have got my fortune read a couple of times before, but this was very different, there was no hesitation in his words and he knew things about me that no one else knows. So, I have been thinking a lot about what he taught me today.

After the French toast, Kei and I went to her home and had Korean style BiBiMyun, that we used to eat at least once or twice a week in Korea. And as Kei went off to work I went to do research for future writing; of to see the remains of the Kowloon Walled City.

After walking around time has past so quickly so I went to Tsim Sha Tsui and shopped until Kei got off from work, after which we went to a Korean BBQ and even had Korean Ice cream for desert.

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