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The sweet taste of Soju

We started our meal with a round of shots. Actually the people at our table (the closest table one in the photo above) were the main drinkers. I sat across from our teacher (third person from the left in the photo above). Our table finished the four beers that we had ordered in less than five minutes and had to order more quite quickly. Four beers doesn’t sound like much, but beers in Korea are actually really big compared to beers in Europe. While we were pouring down one bottle of soju and beer after another the people at the other table managed to finish two beers all together… The atmosphere was slightly different from one table to another.

After having eaten it was already getting dark and quite a few people decided to head home. A couple of us however, decided to stay in Shincheon for a while and do something else. We ended up going to a desert place called Iceberry and 선생님 bought us some korean style ice-cream. When I had waffles with Unnie the other day we saw two girls getting this before we left. It was really delicious. Tasted a lot better than what I thought it might.

I was home a bit after 9PM and when I walked into the kitchen Unnie was there with Lokty and some classmates, eating some watermelon that Lokty’s parents (who came to Korea for a short while) had bought.

That’s my short story on how I ended up eating a whole lot today. Nope, not complaining, I love food.

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