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(T)alk (T)o (Y)ou (L)ater: Travels, Translations, Yawns & Limbo

While you were laying comfortably i your bed dreaming wonderful dreams I was in China. And now that you’ve woken up I’m in South Korea. Oh how wonderful the world is.

First of all, before I start bragging about how much I love South Korea, I want to let you know that the way to get here wasn’t easy: I feel like I really deserved to be accepted in Paradise after all that complicated lack of sleep in limbo today and yesterday.

I woke up at 4 am this morning (yes: 4AM!) that means about 3 hours of proper sleep. After that a long car drive down to Barcelona and then my first flight. At this point I was still positive thinking: everything is going according to plan: I’m going to sleep lots on the next plane and then I’ll be just fine.

I have travelled so many times that I am very familiar with planes, airports and limbo. So, naturally, I thought that this plane trip to South Korea would be no biggie: just like all the others. But then it happened: Limbo got a hold of my mind. I boarded on the second plane (after running through Frankfurt airport to make it from one flight to the other on time) and then, just as I was flying through the stratosphere somewhere above Russia I started to get annoyed. Annoyed at everything and nothing, everyone and no one. Annoyed at anyone able to fall asleep when I seemed to be doomed to stay awake for the entire trip. Annoyed at the stereotypical fat American man a couple of rows down: I was convinced for the longest of times that he was hosting his own snoring contest or maybe having a noise competition with the crying baby a few rows further up.

Ok, I am done complaining. So, now we can get to serious business: South Korea!

My first view of South Korea: A regular bus… with a TV!

No, I haven’t gone sightseeing yet, no I haven’t seen much. BUT: I have seen some. And what I have seen this far was rather surprising. First of all the university is on a BIG BIG BIG hill and I got lost on campus (of course, it just had to happen) so I accidentally walked up that BIG BIG BIG hill only to find out that I had ended up at the wrong end of campus. I asked help but the problem is that there are two big dormitories on campus and the most common one is the one furthest away, so all the nice giggling Korean girls pointed me in the wrong direction without either of us knowing it. But at least I got to practice my korean, they didn’t speak English so they explained everything in Korean and I was surprised to find out that I understood every single word. I reckon that means that I am better at Korean than what I thought.

But yes, I found my way back and when I did I signed some contracts and got a room. I still haven’t unpacked, but I’ve seen my view and wow: I love it! It turns out that I got a room on the top floor and there is quite a view of Seoul and even better than that there is an elementary school. The kids are adorable (at least seen from a distance).And guess what it more amazing: I have a room-mate! I haven’t met her yet, I have no idea who she is but she has a Hello Kitty towel, and pink slippers, so she can’t be all bad.

 I must admit my first impression of Koreans has been very good. A lot of people said hello to me in the streets and offered their help. The students at the university are very approachable and are always happy to help and if they don’t know the answer to your questions then they will find someone who does. Very dedicated and warm people, I will look forward to seeing more of them over the next three months.

I feel like I have died and gone to Heaven, luckily I remembered to bring the camera, starting tomorrow I promise to take brilliant photos!

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