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I woke up at 10 am but since Unnie was still trying to sleep I decided to postpone my packing until she woke up, so I just passed time on the internet until she finally woke up two hours later.

I then started my serious packing.

Naomi, our fellow friend and Unnie’s classmate, had called us earlier but had said that she couldn’t eat with us together because some of her friends from Japan came to visit her so she had to spend the day with them. Just as we contemplated where to eat meat Unnie got a call from Lokty and informed me that Lokty was in Apgujeong but would come to eat with us, so we should just go into the shop, order some meat and then she would arrive a bit late to eat together with us. Both seemingly satisfied about this Unnie suggested that we go to the meat shop that we had gone to last time and I agreed.

Oddly enough Unnie suddenly rushed towards the shop very quickly as we approached, telling me that she was very hungry and I was shocked to see that she ignored the waiter, who was supposed to find us a seat, and instead rushed right into the restaurant.

Still confused about her seemingly rude attitude towards the waiter it took me a while to understand what was going on. Only when I heard Lotky shout: ‘Surprise!’ did I realise that I had been fooled and been brought to a surprise party. I was completely amazed that they had actually managed to fool me in the end, even though I had known that Unnie had been preparing something for the past couple of weeks (she never keeps secrets from me but she had quite a few during the last couple of weeks, and besides she has never been very good at lying).

I had started getting tears in my eyes as the present started streaming out of the big bag, but the all-kill-move was the card:

Once my tears had died down and I had confirmed that I didn’t look too much like a crying fool we paid the bill and headed to a Norebang (korean Karaoke).

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