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Studying, Singing and Sighing

First news of the day: I passed my dictation for the first time in a very long time!

But before I start catching up on the things that I didn’t study well enough I have to study for tomorrow’s dictation. and you will probably be happy to learn that we learnt a lot of very vital words and phrases today, words such as: 밸리댄스교실 which means belly dance class, or 벽시계 which means a clock (on a wall).

Since it’s tuesday I had club activities today after class that lasted until 4 PM. Yes, that’s right we sang this one song for 2 hours! Miraculously my throat doesn’t hurt.

When I got back to our room Unnie was already studying and she seemed to be in a bad mood. Studying is hard on her so she seems to be depressed or angry every time she studies. Really nothing else happened today that I can share here, only girly gossip and depressions that I am not cruel enough to post here.

Today, I’m really, honestly, making it short and stopping here, I still need to study and I have somewhere special to go tomorrow after school (oh no, I’m not telling you where, not until tomorrow). Most of the other days that’s the mind set that I approached the blog with: I am going to make it short today. But then it ended up being over 1500 words anyways. I guess that is the disease that they call ‘being a writer’.

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