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Round up the usual suspects

Not having touched alcohol but still suffering from a hangover. Yup, that describes my day quite well.

Now I’ll leave you with that and go back to my bed.

I’m kidding of course (about the leaving part, the hangover part is true). You all know that I can’t leave a blank page alone, I have to fill it with nonsense, that’s just what it means to be a writer.

Currently I’m contemplating what caused this wannabe hangover and this far I’ve found three solutions. So let’s “round up the usual suspects.” (ah, Casablanca quotes never fail).

I’m quite certain that it was caused by food so our first suspect is: the almighty Banana milk (바나나 맛 우유). This sneaky drink forces itself on me whenever I see, I am unable to resist it’s charms and I buy it way too often. Today however it stayed on my table for an hour and a half before I got to drink it (and we all know how milk is supposed to be drunk either cold or hot, not at room temperature).

Our second suspect is none other than a sandwich. I’m sorry to disappoint but the delicious egg kimbap above is actually not one of our suspects, because I already felt terrible before I started eating it (it still is my favorite type of kimbap though). However the sandwich that I got my hands on this morning surely is on of the suspects. It was quite yummy, and it was also the first sandwich that I’ve eaten since I left Europe.

Now presenting our third and final contestant suspect: lack of sleep. Lack of sleep and me have been rivals for as long as I can remember. I usually win if I get more than 8 hours or less than four hours of sleep. But, unfortunately for me, I often only get between 7-5 hours of sleep and that is when lack of sleep wins over me and ruins my upcoming day for no apparent reason other than cruelty.

And now it is time for our long awaited commercial break.

I am not quite sure what kind of building I expected when I first came here. I probably expected something similar to my university in England, but this was different. A very good different actually. This place is modern, new and pretty. One of the things that I really like about this place is that it is always clean (and this is the point where we all give a big applause to the nice Ajummas clean it every day).

Today I switched classrooms, not class, just classroom, and just for the day. Our ‘new’ classroom was on the opposite site of the building and I actually like it better over here, why? first of all the classroom is brighter, second it has a view of Yonsei university (another big university in Seoul that is just next to Ewha) and when you walk out of the classroom you arrive right in front of the stairs that lead to the lobby and I really like hanging about in the upper parts of the lobby looking at all the people going to the small store in the building, all starving and rushing to get the last kimbap.

Above you see the view from our temporary classroom: Yonsei. Ah I have to go there some day and check it out. Actually I accidently arrived at Yonsei instead of Ewha on my first day, I just didn’t realise until recently…

Other news: my umbrella is slowly dying (as seen above). I’ll have to keep my head up for a better one. I just hope that it will survive until the weekend because I’m not sure that I’ll leave Ewha until then because of our mid-term exams.

Oh no, oh no. I did it again, I planned on just writing a few lines, convinced that there was nothing to say, and ended up with close to 1000 words. Again. It’s already late, again, and I have to take a shower and learn 150 words more before I go to sleep. Argh! Ok, this is the end.

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