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Pink Dolphins

Today I woke up early to go to Kowloon Hotel, there I was to start and adventure I had looked forward to for a long time. I met up with the day’s tour guide and got on the tour bus that took us out close to the airport. From there we took a boat and the fun began.

It was a lovely and sunny day, perfect for sailing and a good day to go dolphin watching. Todays mission was to spot a pink dolphin. Yes, that’s right, pink. We sailed for half an hour without being able to see any close by, I saw the glimpse of one very far away in the horizon and only spotted it because I had my camera on maximum zoom… But then we found a fisher boat that we followed, and the fun started.

At 8:30 Kei and I went to meet up with them at a restaurant. They really ordered a lot of food and all of it was very tasty. Something that I find quite funny, but have heard that a lot of foreigners find creepy is that everything is served in original form, fish with their heads, and chicken still with the head on. In Europe it’s difficult to even buy a chicken with a head on, but here it’s the other way around.

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