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Pass and Fail

Today concludes my first exam day, my first test day.

I survived the  쓰기 by writing as much as I could, I ended up writing 42 lines (yes, I counted, I was bored) which is everything but two lines. I might have gotten some grammar wrong but oh well, mid-terms are there to try the real thing, so I will survive, I don’t think I’ll fail.

어휘밎 구조 was what I was the most worried about. We had a small exam style test of this yesterday and although I passed the test I felt that it was really difficult. But today after just 15 minutes I had finished everything. I spent an additional 20 minutes going through my answers and finally handed it in early because there was nothing more to do (and I usually never hand in exam papers early).

After that I felt very relived as I thought 읽기 would be the easiest out of the three. It turned out not to be. I think I survived but there was one word, just one word, in the paper that I hadn’t learnt and because of that one word I lost two points, but oh well, I’m quite certain I got most, if not all, of the rest correct.

After the test I met up with Unnie and her classmates, as usual, and a couple of us went to a waffle shop together.

After we went home I remembered what I had forgotten, without actually knowing that I had forgotten something. Today is Thursday, and Thursday night at 8pm is the beginning of 2NE1’s first concert ticket sale. At seven I was ready, sitting in front of the computer with all of the pages up, already logged into the ticket purchase site.

I was so focused on getting it all right that I didn’t even notice that Unnie had walked up behind me and started to plait my hair (plait, really? is that how you say it in English?). The hairdo ended up being very uneven so Unnie eventually abandoned it.

(As was going through my pictures from the day, I spotted a scary ghost in one of them.)

At 7:45 I was ready and sit, waiting for the first oppoturnity to click my way in and get good seats. At 7:55 I was already clicking like crazy.

Right now there is only one sentence that describes my actions today: 바보 처럼 (pronounced: babo chorom, meaning: like an idiot/idiotic).

Well at least it seems that I have passed my mid-term exams this far, but as far as 2NE1 concert ticket goes I’m currently miserably failing.

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