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On Rainy Days

My list of things that I still have to try in South Korea:

– Going to a JimJilbang (a Korean style sauna and public bath)

– Going to a Norebang (a Korean style Karaoke room)

– Eating crab and live octopus (as in still living).

Apart from that I think that I will be able to tick everything else off my list, more or less, at least out of the things that I am able to do in Seoul. I would have liked to see other parts of South Korea as well, but that all requires time and money, so I will leave that for my next visit to South Korea.

However, since the rain has been crazy since yesterday, I haven’t gotten much out. It is amazing that I managed to walk up to Ewha Sarang to buy some Kimbap for lunch before the rain got really bad as well. And when I say bad rain, I really mean it. This far 30 people have been reported dead because of the heavy rain in South Korea. I am completely fine though and only found out how bad the rain actually was when I got back home to my room with my kimbap. It turns out that me and Unnie made it inside just before another hour of heavy rain began.

The rain has been so crazy that we thought it might be a typhoon, but apparently that is not the case, it is just very heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms.

After having stayed inside for so many days because of rain and homework me and Unnie have naturally grown slightly insane. I think we spent an hour doing voice and animal sound interpretations. When the sound craze calmed down  we started messing around with each other’s hair and make-up. That kept us entertained for the following two hours and that is when we finally realised that we hadn’t finished our homework and sat down to get serious about Korean, while cracking up laughing every other minute.

We’re currently contemplating wether there will be class tomorrow if it continues to rain insanely like this. We have come to the conclusion that there will probably be class but most of the people from our classes most probably won’t attend because the rain is too heavy and they might have trouble getting out to their homes.

My song of the day:

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