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My life is like a musical.

Today felt very much like a musical, every day of my life actually does, but today it was a bit more memorable, so I will show my day to you through a couple of the songs that marked my day. here goes the first one:

Because the song is called ’10 points out of 10′ and I naturally started singing ’50 points out of 50′ in my head when I got my results…

Actually something else happened today in class: we were all attacked by a terrible monster: a 모기 : a mosquito! Everyone tried to catch it, including our teacher, but we failed time after time. So when I got it with a loud ‘clap’ I raised my hand into the air to show off my trophy and the rest of the class responded with loud applauds while congratulating me on the catch.

They lyrics just fit so perfectly. Actually, small fun fact, this used to be my ringtone back in high school and sometimes it would ring during class and everyone would jump up from their seats, it was quite entertaining. I still have people telling me that they think of me whenever they hear this song.

After class I went out to eat lunch with two girls from my class. We went to a restaurant on the way to Sincheon, and ate Nengmyung (cold noodles) and shared a Korean pancake. Once the food had been consumed we proceeded to go shopping in the area.

And if I say nengmyung, there is just one song, and that one is called: nengmyung… (you might, or might not, remember it from my previous posts)

After that I went home, and just as I had collapsed on my bed, my room-mate walked in. We talked for a short while and I somehow got convinced that going to Gangnam alone in hope of seeing my favorite korean group there was a wonderful idea, so I went, on the way constantly questioning my reasoning, but not turning back.

And that is how I spent an hour on the subway to get there, and an additional two hours lost in Gangnam, before, finally, spending an hour on the subway, during rush-hour, to get back again. I’m starting to understand why some people say that the life of a fangirl is so difficult. Not only was it a lot of walking, but to add to that the weather today was extremely hot, since it has been raining and the sun is now very strong the weather just feels so much warmer.

As I was walking around on the street not finding my way, these two songs kept rotating in my head. The first one being:

Because I was obviously crazy to have gone to Gangnam, and the other one being:

Note to self: next time I decide to go fangirl’ing, write down the address of the place you are supposed to go to and, preferably, bring a map.

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