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Let’s play!

I had completely abandoned the idea of blogging today. I felt sick this morning and even managed to take a nap, and when I can take a nap then there really is something wrong with me. My legs have been shaking for hours, ever since I got home from class, and even a bit during class.

So naturally I had no power to do anything whatsoever, even preparing dinner seemed like an impossible task, but thankfully Unnie arrived just as I had made my way to the kitchen, ordered me to bed and made me some dinner.

I am not sure what is wrong, it might be the weather? At first I thought it was dehydration, but then I realised that I drink a lot of water so that can’t have been it. But whatever it is I don’t really care anymore, because something amazing happened tonight.

I was planning my day for tomorrow, in the morning I planned on watching Harry Potter in the cinema, because I don’t have class (unlike Unnie has), in The evening I then planned on buying some 2NE1 tickets as they go on sale tomorrow at 8pm and after that me and Unnie planned on going to join her classmates at a Norebang (a Korea style karaoke). Or well rather than planning it was more like laying still in my bed, unable to move but unable to sleep and hence going through my plans.

At that point, since I was unable to sleep, I thought that checking the sale time for 2NE1’s concert ticket sale time was a good idea. So I got up from my bed and slowly made my way to the computer. It was already 20:30 and I calmly found the right internet page. But then I felt that something was defiantly odd. The tickets looked like they were already on sale and I started to get more energetic as I searched to make sure that they weren’t on sale yet. And then I saw it. It turns out that I had looked at the wrong date and that the tickets were indeed on sale today from 8PM onwards. You might recall my posts about buying Korean concert tickets, well it isn’t a pretty scene. If you are not ready the second that the tickets go on sale the chances of getting seats is very slim. With 2NE1’s tickets it is even worse since they are highly popular and it is their first concert ever.

I highly exclaimed my discontent and Unnie came running out of from her shower. Next thing I know we’re sitting in front of her computer searching for tickets, while I’m biting my nails. And magically we got one. We went to the payment and everything went well until Verified by Visa appeared. I couldn’t remember my password and typed in the wrong thing, so the transaction went off and I lost the ticket.

We went back on the site and searched for tickets again. Once more we were lucky and got a hold of just one ticket. We headed to payment, and this time it went through (I had been smart enough to go to visa verified’s homepage and change my password beforehand this time around).

It’s not the best ticket, but it’s rather good considering that I was 40 minutes late for the ticket sales…

The concert venue looks very small and intimate, so even though I am a bit far back I think that I will be fine as long as I wear my extremely high heels that I bought here (because Korean girls party in very high heels at concerts).

It seems that the green/blue area will be divided into four parts with an additional stage set up between them so it should be fine and a nice concert. The more I think about the concert the less sad I am about the prize I had to pay for it, because when it comes down to it I like all of 2NE1’s songs and have been a fan of them since their debut, so I really want to go and see their first concert.

Random fact about 2NE1 (pronounced To Anyone): their team cheer is NOLZA (also the name of the concert), which is the Korean word for Let’s play! Because of this, they often wear LEGO accessories, for, as some of you might know, LEGO is Danish for Leg Godt, meaning play well. Ah, this gives me the perfect excuse to buy some of those LEGO rings that I have seen on sale downtown, I have been dying to get one, and now I have a reason to: 2NE1 concert.

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