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Lamma Island

Today it was Saturday so Kei and I had the entire day together as she doesn’t work on weekend. So we decided to get a bit away from the city and go to Lamma Island.

It was a 30 minute ferry ride and even though Kei easily gets seasick we reached the Island without too much trouble.

Because it is such a small island and it has absolutely no skyscrapers it feels quite different from Hong Kong or Kowloon island.

As soon as we arrived on the Island we headed out to find a restaurant in town and soon enough we found one where a lot of locals seemed to be eating.

It had been raining that same morning on Hong Kong Island, yet as soon as we reached Lamma the sun was out. We couldn’t believe our luck.

So we headed off on the Lamma family trail, a 4km walk up the mountain on the small Island to pass from one town (Yung Shue Wan) to the other (Sok Kwu Wan). But soon after we had started the walk it started raining. Luckily enough we had just reached a famous dessert restaurant, that sells Tofu in sweet sirop and so we sat down to have a bowl.

When it stopped raining we headed out again and soon after we reached a beach, the most famous on of Lamma Island: Hung Shing Ye beach.

However, strangely enough right next to this beach we discovered that the view was ruined by Lamma island’s power station…

We continued on our road however at this point Kei looked like she was dying. I didn’t feel like the trail was particularly difficult or long, but then I remembered that I’ve been used to walking a lot since I’ve been working as a waitress this summer whereas Kei isn’t used to walking more than 1km a day (with a job that doesn’t require her to move from her computer screen and no will to go out).

After a couple of moments where I thought I had lost Kei to the darker side we finally arrived at Sok Kwu Wan, a fisher village.

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