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Korea’s liberation day

I panicked when I woke up this morning as I was convinced that we had lessons since it is Monday. I let out a: ‘oh, missed class…’ in a sleepy and confused voice. When Unnie started laughing I realised that today is Korea’s liberation day which means that we don’t have any lessons as it is a public holiday.

At around 3PM I decided that it was time to do something and headed into Myungdong to withdraw some money and shop a bit. When I arrived in Myungdong I was completely stunned at the amount of people there, but then, once again, realised that it was all because it is a public holiday, so naturally everyone headed into Myungdong to do shopping.

I walked around for a short while and after I had bought the first couple of things I saw a very very big crowd of people and spotted cameras, so, like everyone else, I hurriedly joined the crowd, my reflexes have gotten a lot better. There were so many people that it was impossible to see what was going on everyone seemed to be saying: 누구 누구? (pronounced: nugu nugu, meaning: who?). After a short while one could hear girl screams, which just aroused more attention.

I walked around some more and realised that not only was Myungdong packed with people, there were also street sellers everywhere. Usually there are quite a few in Myungdong, probably around fifteen all in all, but today there must have been at least five times more. Down every street it was packed with street vendors on each side of the street and every shop seemed to have put in an extra effort to gain clients today, clothing shop Bean Pole, for example, had hired three male models to stand still outside of their shop, like mannequins, which gathered a lot of attention.

And I have good news: I finally got myself that Starbucks shirt that I had been checking out for so long. I kept seeing people with it on but I continuously failed to find it at a reasonable price, before today.

Introducing today’s purchases:

a simple shirt with some zebra print, another similar shirt, but in black (not featured in the pictures), a blue skirt, a Starbucks shirt, a zebra-barcode shirt and two rings, one crown and one LUCKY (it suits my Korean name 칠=seven). I also bought a mini hair straightener as they are both very cheap and good here in Korea, and I never got myself one in Europe.

I reckon that I should feel guilty for going shopping instead of revising for my exam that starts in two days, but nope, no guilty feelings whatsoever. I am not staying here that much longer so my need for shopping is, at least, just as important as the exam.

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