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Kold is back

I’ve been gone…. For a very long… long… long… time. But now I’m back, I hope, for good. 

I must admit that even though my summer holiday has started I am not doing anything VERY exciting just yet. Nothing like last year. Actually I’m back home in France.


However, I do have a couple of short trips planned, so even though I’m not going to South Korea just yet, I think it’ll still be an interesting summer.

And I’ll get back to this blog and start posting more, as I’ve finally decided what to post about. I’m going to take a shot at Korean Drama reviews and K-Pop reviews.

I’ve watched SO many Korean dramas and listened to SO much K-pop over the past five years that I’ve come to know quite a lot about it, so this should be fun.

And all of this is starting next week! Exciting, exciting!

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