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I miss my kitchen!

Today was our study day, since we were out the entire day yesterday. We had planned to go out but Unnie had to finish her listening test first, and that somehow lasted until 5pm so we never got our of PJs…

Instead we ate lots, and studied, and ate some more.

Both Unnie and I miss a proper kitchen where we can cook, and after having bought a cooking book yesterday I miss it even more. I had a wonderful dream last night where I prepared the most delicious Korean flavored lunch box for school, but when I woke up hungry this morning I realised that I can’t cook here and still have at least another month before I will be able to cook properly again.

I flipped through my cooking book again today and there are so many delicious things in there that I want to try and make. I am a bit worried about some of the ingredients that might be a bit difficult to find in England, such as fresh octopus for example or asian style vegetables, but I will do my best to find suitable replacements in case I can’t find the right ingredients.

I enjoy Korea, but today I most admit that I missed a proper kitchen.

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