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I’m spoiled when it comes to food.

Yesterday evening my roommate got a call from G-Market, which where we have purchased tickets from. It was an Adjussi (an older Korean man) talking, so it was very difficult to understand him (as Adjussi’s usually don’t speak very clearly). After trying to figure out what he was saying for a while she passed the phone to me, but by the time I got the phone he had already repeated  himself so many times that he just hung up. We stayed still for a while, trying to guess what he might have said when I suddenly stood up and said: ‘I think that he is here with the tickets, let’s go down and look’. We hurried to the elevator and down to the office, and there was indeed an Adjussi there. We asked if he had come to give us tickets from G-market and he said yes.

Our first ticket purchase was a success. At first we hadn’t been completely sure wether we had managed to purchased 1 or 4 tickets, but, thankfully, it turned out to be four tickets, so we will both be able to go to the concert. I am looking very much forward to saturday next week; I will finally be able to see SHINee for the first time, even though we will be quite far away from the stage. I am sure that it will still be fun though, and a lot of singers are going to perform, just reading the attendance list is exhausting.

We went to a restaurant with my roommates classmates after class, and ended up in an Italian-style restaurant, even though the only food I had previously said that I didn’t want to eat here was Italian food. I love Italian food way too much so I always feel so cheated when Italian food isn’t made properly. I have always been spoiled with Italian food since my dad always makes delicious home-made pasta. Because I have always been so spoiled with it from home, I don’t enjoy Italian food if it isn’t home-made, as in the pasta is home-made or the pizza dough is homemade. If the pasta isn’t home-made I always feel like I could make it better myself, and if the pizza dough isn’t homemade then I just disregard the food as cheap fast-food, and not as Italian food.

I really am too spoiled with food, I am the exact same with my Sushi, if it doesn’t taste like Japan, it just isn’t worth it. I reckon that I will feel the same way about my Korean food when I get back to Europe, which is actually the main reason that I decided to buy a Korean cookbook.

A couple of the girls headed to a cat café, a café filled with cats that run around free so that you can pet them and play with them while you nip on some snacks or drink a warm drink. But, since I don’t like cats and my roommate is allergic to them, we didn’t go and headed to an ice-cream shop with another friend instead.

Actually we had planned to head out to GangNeung tomorrow, which is located at the other end of the country, facing towards to other sea (as seen on the map bellow, where Seoul is marked by an ‘A’ is and Gangneung is marked by a red dot).

However the weather forecast promises heavy rain for the next two days se we have cancelled our small trip to the beach. It seems that I won’t be able to leave Seoul this time around. It is all fine with me though, I like Seoul too much to really want to leave yet.

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