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How we waste day after day

Our morning had pretty much disappeared as we woke up a bit late today. we had some slightly big plans for today, but because we woke up so late and were so tired (because of our packed day yesterday), we decided to postpone most of them until tomorrow.

When we finally came to our senses at 3 pm we did a bit of homework for a couple of hours.

People have always asked me how come I never study, and here I mean my entire life, not just here in South Korea. Actually, I am sorry to disappoint, but I do study. However, when I study I only concentrate on studying, so, I finish quite quickly compared to most people, which means that I have a lot of time to do other things, such as watch films, TV-shows, meet friends, etc. So, there you go, that’s the secret trick: being very very concentrated on whatever you do, and then you will usually find that you can finish the task in a shorter while.

When the clock hit seven we finally got out of PJs and headed into town.

Nope we didn’t go anywhere to eat or drink this time around, we just headed towards a supermarket. I know what you are thinking: but didn’t you go yesterday? And here the answer to that has to be: yes… we did. But yesterday we went to Lotte Mart and today we were headed to Home Plus, these two stores are both relatively cheap but they have different selections of things, Lotte Mart usually has a very good selection of everything, but I really don’t like the sugary things that they have, and I wanted to stock up on sugar as I ran out (and sugar is a dangerous thing to run out of). Besides They don’t sell Udon noodles in Lotte Mart whereas they do in Home Plus, and Unnie likes her Udon noodles. So, for these two simple reasons, we went to the Olympic stadium to go to Home Plus. We went in the evening, as we have often heard that the prices are lower in the evening (and since we weren’t nearly prepared to go out any earlier), unfortunately for us the only thing cheap today was meat, that we can’t make here, because we don’t have anywhere to cook it properly… What a shame, but we will probably go to a supermarket at night some other time again.

As you might know they have a lot of tasters in big stores like this in South Korea, and in Home Plus they always grill meat. So of course in Home Plus we always have to go to the meat section even though we can’t buy meat, just so we can get some meat tasters. Today was no different, but because there were so many people we couldn’t get close to the taster stands with the cart so I guarded our cart while Unnie went and got us some tasters. She took two big pieces of meat and gave one of them to me. It looked so delicious but when I started chewing I realised that she had accidentally gotten a hold of a bit clunk of sinews instead of meat. But at this point there was nothing to do, it was already in my mouth and there was nowhere to spit it out, so I gathered my courage and sunk the whole thing. It took about two hours to sink down to my stomach, I know because I could feel it slowly, slowly, sinking down.

We managed to stock up on a few things. On our way home we decided to go for a Pizza as we were both craving, but as it turns out we were home too late and all of the Pizza stores had just closed. I was hungry, but not in the mood for noodles, so on the way back we ended up in Dunkin’ Donuts, situated right next to the main entrance of our University.

Korea is a great place for sugar, they have tasty waffles, Bingsu and even millions of things made from Sweet Potatoes, but chocolate here just doesn’t taste like chocolate and cookies don’t have the right consistency. I keep trying to find something good, because I love my chocolate even though I am allergic to it, but I haven’t succeeded yet (it’s an ongoing investigation). I am looking forward to see if the new cookies that I have bought this time around are any better.

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