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Hongdae and About.

Today was different. No planned destination, we just got on the metro and decided where to get off on  an impulse. No plan, just walking and discovering.

We ended up in Hongdae, a nice place for shopping and apparently quite well known for it’s night-life. We wandered around on the streets without really knowing where we were, just looking around.

We walked back towards the streets of Hongdae again after having looked around on Hongik Uni, and after realising just how big a university Ewha is compared to other universities. We walked up a narrow street and discovered: a market! There were a couple of foreigner so after a while we figured out that it was the famous Hongdae market that only happens on weekends in the summer. We went around looking at all of the cheap things.

While we were looking around the market there was a man with a camera we both noticed him taking pictures of us but we weren’t sure who he was following. So, in order to check I went to the other end of the market and, as expected, he followed a bit behind to take pictures, I pretended that I didn’t know and just went about my business as usual, but still I found it quite funny.

When we had finished eating we spent a bit of time deciding on what to do next and eventually agreed to go back to Ewha to look a bit around our own university, after having spent so much time at another university we suddenly felt that we didn’t know our own anymore, and then make some plans for what to do tomorrow.

We walked around the most crowded part for a while and decided that we wanted to walk all the way to the other end of campus. I wanted to see the other part of uni but having gotten really lost on my first day and ended up halfway there I already knew how difficult it was going to be since the other part of the uni is on a very very steep hill. When I told Unnie she didn’t believe me so we ended up asking two nice Ewha students for help and when they told us that it was on a very steep hill almost like a mountain Unnie eventually said: ‘Chib-ee ka-cha!’ Which means ‘Let’s go home!’, making all four of us laugh. We abandoned our plans of trying to walk up there today but only postponed it for tomorrow morning, where we plan to wake up early to explore the all grounds of uni and then adventure down to the Cheong-gye-cheon-no stream that I really want to see because I think it looks cosy on the pictures I have seen of it.

Fun discoveries in Hongdae:

There were a couple of funny looking buildings (and cool ones) in Hongdae, but many of them were quite small compared to the ones in Myeongdong the previous day. We discovered an Adidas Originals shop (a shop that Korean girl group 2NE1 endorses and that I am quite certain sells Jeremy Scott designed clothes as well). We saw a girl and a guy throwing around big advertisement signs to catch people’s attention (it was quite cool). I saw a shop called Whoo Pee Pizza and had to take a photo because of the epic name fail. And finally we saw a guy and girl dressed up in costumes that look like the signs present in front of toilet, the guy in blue and the girl in a red ‘dress’, they really looked awesome and even Koreans stopped to take pictures.

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