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Hi and Goodnight.

I’m making it short today, and for real this time. I have a test tomorrow, so, I really need some proper sleep for once.

As you can probably imagine, again today, I spend most of my time studying. I learnt about 60 phrases and reviewed my vocabulary, and once that was done I met up with my Korean language parter for the first time. I was supposed to meet her last week, but she suddenly got sick and had to cancel, so it was nice to finally be able to meet her. I asked her a couple of questions about things from class and practiced my pronunciation.  Apart from that we just talked.

I felt really proud when she told me that even though my reading skill is slow, my pronunciation is just like a Korean. That means that if I just work a bit harder on my reading skills then I might be able to read like Korean some day. I can see a small opening of light straight ahead.

I told her that I can understand Korean fine, most of the time, and that reading is ok, even though I’m still a bit slow, but I’m worried about is speaking. Because when I write I have no trouble using the right words and grammar, but when I speak I think more about what I want to say than the grammar. She told me not to worry and complemented my Korean speaking, and writing (she read my essays), skills.

I’m glad I met with her and I feel more confident about the following days’ exams now. I’ll look forward to seeing her again in the future and, hopefully, my Korean will keep improving at this speed, as I really have learnt an incredible amount of things.

Now…I came home today and realised that I hadn’t taken any pictures… So I’m recycling, again.

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