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Having fun in Seoul

Today so many things happened: we went to Lotte world with the school, saw two celebrities and went to Hongdae for clubbing. In all honesty: today was a lot of fun!

We met at school and, divided in our classes, we took the subway to Jamsil where Lotte World is situated.

We had some fun taking pictures all together as we waited for every other class to arrive. Then we slowly moved towards Lotte World and entered the historical museum (museums seem to be obligatory when being on a class outing).

We had a lot of fun with it. Our teacher kept saying that she didn’t know how to make it either and that it was her first time trying to make it as well. Of course the instructions on how to make it were only in Korean so we had a lot of fun making mistakes while our teacher kept saying: ‘I don’t know how to make it either, just make it prettily! ‘

After finishing our dolls each class went off to eat a meal together. Our class went to a restaurant nearby where they served very nice Bibimbap (although slightly expensive, 9500 for a serving: ~50 Danish crowns, which to this date is the most expensive meal that I have eaten here).

My first ride in Lotte World turned out to be a bit more scary than I had first thought that it would be. There were two moments where it went downwards quite fast in the dark (which was quite scary) and as the boat went up I kept fearing a big drop by the end of the ride, but, thankfully, there wasn’t one, so I survived.

We got off, still quite in shock, and walked aimlessly back towards the other rides. And that is when we saw them. There were a lot of people so at first it was difficult to see who they were all looking at, but we quickly spotted the tight security and the cameras and then we saw them: Leeteuk and Heechul from boyband Super Junior. In the middle of Lotte World with more and more fans following them. Of course we followed them as well for a while and got a very good look at both of them.

After having followed Super Junior for a while Haruka, Sayori and me decided to get on the merry-go-round and have some calm, ‘non-rollercoastery’, fun.

After a short while we started walking around again and watched as the Lotte World Samba festival Parade started.

We had to meet everyone again at 4pm and after finishing the cup ride we just had enough time to get back to the right place. I met up with Unnie who told me that Benz (our Thai friend who is in Unnie’s class; the one with the crazy night-club story) wanted to go out to party tonight and that Unnie was considering wether to go or not. She then asked me if I wanted to come and I said: of course. So three hours later we left Ewha to go to Hongdae to party our heart out on this crazy Friday night.

We went into a small club where the queue was quite small, queuing for a long time in order to get into clubs is quite natural here apparently.  Also, normally in Korea one has to be 20 in order to get into bars and be able to drink alcohol but both me and Lokty are just a bit too young here so we kindly said that we didn’t bring our passport and when the security asked when we were born we also kindly added two years to our real age and he let us in without further interrogation.

Inside the club was quite something, the lights were that of a real night club, just like in the movies, yet at first there weren’t that many people dancing and it was slightly quiet. As we went in and got our first drink it slowly started to get more crowded and people started dancing more furiously.

After trying it myself I must admit: clubbing in South Korea sure is something different! Everyone was dancing and especially the girls, who usually are quite shy during the day, let themselves go completely. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was dancing! The bartender, the security guard and even the geeky foreigner who couldn’t get the beat right.

It started to get more and more crowded, and with the crowd the excitement grew and the dancing got more intense. Before we even noticed it four hours had gone by while we were dancing. Benz, cool as always, had met a guy within the first ten minutes inside and he paid for two rounds of shots for all of us, even the unknown korean girl whom no-one knew, and who joined our party halfway through.

At 00:30 unnie suddenly started to get bad and that’s when we had to leave. She could barely walk and she looked like she wanted to throw up but couldn’t. I supported her and half dragged her outside the club where we intended to catch a taxi. If we had left an hour earlier we would have been able to take the subway home but after midnight the subway stops until early the next morning so for us there was no other way home but a taxi.

The problem now soon became that there were no free taxis, every single one of them was taken.

Thankfully Benz was clever enough to call her husband and have him come and pick all seven of us up in Hongdae. We had to wait for a while, and I started to get quite worried about Unnie as she didn’t say a word and looked quite pale, but eventually Benz’ husband arrived and drove all of us home.

That’s when I really realised just how amazing Benz is, and how supporting her husband is, driving home seven drunk girls, five girls in the back and two in the front, is not an easy task, and Benz doesn’t live that close to Hongdae so even coming to pick her up alone is quite fantastic when his two kids are still at home.

Thanks to Benz and her husband we arrived safely in front of Ewha and I supported unnie home and helped her to take off her shoes before she quietly crawled into bed. Yes, crawled, from the entrance to her bed just around the corner. As she fell asleep I removed her jewelry, scared that she might get caught in it or loose it overnight. Now she is soundly asleep and it is now almost 3am. Somehow I am unable to sleep.

Today really was a lot of fun, and partying in Seoul was a lot of fun as well, next time I’ll watch more out for Unnie’s drinks and make sure that she doesn’t drink as much as today (one beer and two tequilla shots) and then I am sure that we will have just as much if not a lot more fun. Cheers!

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