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There was no class today, only a graduation ceremony. We had to meet late (which was very good news for me an Unnie as we both feel like we’re lacking sleep lately), so we came to school at 9:40, instead of the usual 9:10.

Many of the level six students wore pretty Hanboks (traditional Korean clothes) as they went up on stage to accept their certificate. Three of them also held a speech afterwards and I was surprised to discover that I could understand everything that they said, but kept wondering wether they had lowered the difficulty level of their speech in order for more of us to be able to understand them.

After that the different clubs went on to perform, first photos from the photo club were shown and then the singing club performed a couple of songs before letting the dance club take over and finishing.

As soon as the last performance was over and the headmaster finished her speech it was time to take pictures.

My class teacher is the one on the picture to the left and she is the one who taught (talking about this in past from feels so wrong, I still feel like I have to go to school tomorrow) us on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. After having seen her interact with other teachers I think that she might be the Maknae, or almost Maknae teacher. Maknae meaning the youngest in Korean. In Korea age is a big thing, on a completely different level, and so the Maknae often ends up having to do the hard work, and run around trying to please the elders. As a quick example I took out the trash today as I am one of the two Maknae’s in our class (yes, there is actually someone else the same age as me here). Ah, I really have learnt a lot about Korea while staying here.

Uh, and I almost forgot: my certificate:

Even though we had each eaten a big plate of food from the buffet, me and Unnie had also skipped breakfast so we headed to 이화 사랑 (pronounced: Ewha sarang, meaning: Ewha love), a café in Ewha University were they sell delicious kimbap and that we have often gone to in the past. There we ate our last kimbap together and talked about the amount of times that we have come here in the past.

We had completely broken the ticket vending machine.

We couldn’t stop laughing. Of course it happened to us, the two girls who always fool around like idiots and the only foreigners in miles.

I’ll give you a small quiz, guess which machine we used:

buuuut, we got the tickets anyways.

And, the big finale: introducing my new items.

I also bought something to share with Unnie:

When saying Korea three major things spring to mind: Kpop, Beauty and Couple items. I think that Korea is probably the homeland of couple items such as couple T-shirts, so naturally we’ve wanted some couple items for a while as being close roommates like us almost screams couple items. So I bought them as my final present for Unnie before leaving. We decided on two blue shirts that can be worn with a high waist skirt for a Korean university student look and two phone accessories. We chose handmade 똥 (meaning: poo) accessories because we’ve had an ongoing joke about 똥 for as long as I can remember, Unnie even bought 똥 newspaper (newspapers about 똥) last month, so we felt that it was just the item that we needed.

I also went to the post office today and sent of a package and a postcard (yes, I found a post card, just one type, not two or three,just… one).

It’s now 2:56 and I’m really tired, although I can sleep in tomorrow I do have some tough days in front of me so I really need every bit of sleep that I can get. Yup, that was my cue to leave, now, bye bye.

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