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I got a whole set of unexpected grades back today. First thing in the morning we got our ‘Listening test’ back. Turns out that I got 49,4 out of 50. (breathes out heavily) this far I’ve passed mid-terms. I’m getting three more tests back tomorrow, and the last one maybe tomorrow, maybe later.

I had kind of expected that I might get some of my mid-term exams back today, but I never expected the other results. I only figured out that my grades from my university in England were out today, when I logged on to Facebook this evening (so this morning in Europe). It took me a good 10 minutes’ research to find out where they were posted, but I finally found them. Turns out that I got all B’s, apart from one of my subjects where I got an A, so three B’s and one A. I can live with that, especially since it’s my first year and this past year has been my first time ever living in an English speaking country, studying in English.

When we got off from lessons I discovered that Unnie was still as sick as she had been in the morning (a bit better compared to yesterday but still quite bad). So we decided to go to the hospital/pharmacy in the university for a check-up after lunch. As expected the doctor only spoke Korean, so we went together, the two of us, with Unnie’s korean language partner, however her partner as well only speaks limited English, so communication is sometimes limited when it comes to medical terms. Thankfully, we managed. With her Korean friend repeating what the doctor said with different formulations in Korean, and with me translating those, as well as what the doctor further said, into English for Unnie.

She ended up having to get a blood test and got some medicine for today and tomorrow morning.  Her blood seemed fine and it appears to have been caused by stress as she was studying very hard for the mid-terms and haven’t ever studied before in her life. Thankfully the treatment was cheap as well, since we are Ewha students. Had we gone to another hospital it would have been around 10x as expensive.

When we got home I had a bit of spare time before I went out again to meet my Korean friend from Ewha, that I first met in England as she was an exchange student there. We had a nice meal, where I tried Kimchi Stew for the first time, and how yummy it is. After that we then went for some 빙수 (Bingsu). I am not quite sure what this would translate into in English but it is ice and ice-cream topped with something, usually fruits. It’s very tasty and you might, or might not remember, that I went out for dinner with my class recently (no, not this weekend the previous time) and also ended up having Bingsu together with our teacher and a couple of classmates afterwards.

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