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Day 2 in Hong Kong

I went around taking pictures while Kei and her grandmother patiently watched me. Kei’s grandmother was very sweet, yet her lack of English made communication a bit tougher, thankfully Kei was there to translate the things I didn’t understand, however as long as she illustrated what she was saying by hand gestures I could understand what she meant.

After finding our way back to a metro line again we said goodbye to Kei’s grandmother who headed home to prepare food (side dishes and such I assume), while Kei and I strolled the streets of Central Hong Kong.

Soon enough we had walked through almost every street, had our anti-hot drink (tea made with a variety of flowers) and it was time for Kei to head to work.

I then headed to Hong Kong’s free Zoo and by the end of it I was completely exhausted because of the intolerable humidity here in the city.

So I went to Hong Kong park and then found the nearest subway station in order to get home to a change of clothes.

I headed out to discover more of Hong Kong island, this time it was time for Wan Chai and the waterfront. I reached it just as the sun started to set and as a result the bay had an almost Mordor-esque look because of the tall skyscraper that was in the Sun’s way.

I joined Kei at Central and we went out for Vietnamese and Thai dinner. Hong Kong really has food from everywhere in the world, so we try a different kind every day, it’s nice to have some variety. After dinner we headed out for the day’s biggest event: the peak!

The sun had already set when we took the tram up the mountain to the Victoria Peak.

We took the tram home and on the way we saw people burning paper in the streets. ‘It’s ghost month.’ Kei explained. During this month bad spirits are likely to be roaring and so in order to get rid of them one has to burn some special papers, Kei’s family did it earlier this month too.

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