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D-9: the Big Three

I relised that I missed a day and accidentally called my last post D-10 even though it was really D-11 (since I posted it at around 2AM I reckon that it doesn’t make a big difference though).

Yesterday began early when Unnie had to go to the hair saloon again to color her hair. I was too tired (both of us having gone to bed at 3AM) and slept in to join her to go out later.

Just as we were walking up the road towards the metro station Unnie suddenly exclaimed: ‘AH! I forgot to take a picture with her!’ So we turned around and headed to the hair saloon to take a picture with our wonderful hairstylist 정현 (JeongHyun).

We then headed to Myungdong to do shopping and more particularly because I was short on money and needed to go to the bank.

While we were there we headed to the restaurant that we also ate at during our very first visit in Myungdong.

We both got Donkatsu, that is actually a Japanese dish, but also tastes delicious here.

I ended up buying some bags that I haven’t unpacked yet (as they are easy to transport as are) so pictures of them might follow later. When we went back to Ewha we stopped by in Sinchon so that I could buy some shoes that I had seen the previous night at a quite reasonable price of 20000 won (~100 Danish crowns).

Today’s events followed in the footstep of yesterday’s. Me and Unnie woke up at midday and then slowly headed down the take a bus to Apgujeong south of the Han river. Our first stop was SM Ent. Building. SM Ent. is yet another one of the big three entertainment companies in South Korea along with YG Ent. and JYP Ent. the SM Ent. Building sure was a disappointment I had more expected something fancy like YG’s building but this looked more like an outdated office building. There were around seven people waiting outside, five of them being Chinese tourists who didn’t seem to know a big deal about what they were waiting for as they asked Unnie were to buy the CD’s, that obviously aren’t on sale in this building as this is a building for the celebrities to train their dances, record music, etc.

I will have to get to bed at a resonable time today and around the 3-4AM that I’ve gotten used to over the past couple of days, I still need to go to school tomorrow with only three more school days left.

So: 굿밤 (good night).

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