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Currently disliking mosquitos

Before I started writing this I briefly looked through the old posts on my blog and as just amazed. I have already been here for so long already, two and a half week, I’ve seen so much and done so much, yet it feels both like I’ve been here for several years and as though I’ve just arrived.

So, what happened today? actually, not much. The most memorable thing must have been waking up in the morning with six mosquito bites on my face (yup, just on my face, how lucky, huh?) and then later on chasing a mosquito around the room with Unnie for a good twenty minutes. We really need to find a solution to these mosquitos! I woke up thinking that I probably ate something that I am allergic to the previous day, until I realised that we had mosquitos in our room and that it was mosquito bites… But at that time I had already started going through all of the things I had eaten the previous day, trying to find something that I could blame my misery on…

Ok I admit it, I was in a bad mood today, first day in a bad mood in South Korea. Why so? you might ask. Well the answer is simple. Before I arrived I had nightmares every single night for about 3-4 years, but when I arrived in South Korea they miraculously disappeared leaving only nice and carefree dreams. But tonight was the exception to the rule that I didn’t want to meet. yes, that’s right, I had a nightmare… again! Argh, When I have very bad and vivid dreams they somehow end up disturbing my entire day until I have time to think about them and deal with them, before moving on to doing something else, and this morning was quite busy. Thankfully lessons were easy and I knew most of what we learnt so I didn’t suffer too much in class (which still isn’t the same as no homework).

Actually I was going to post these normally without editing anything on them until Unnie told met hat she had posted her own student card on facebook without editing it and that a friend of hers had asked her why she posted it without hiding the barcode and student number, that way anyone would be able to copy it and use it. I honestly didn’t think of that at all, so when she said it I just went blank and responded: ‘I was about to post mine just like you posted yours.’ That’s when we both cracked up laughing because of our shared idiocy. the Korean word 바보 (pronounced: babo, meaning: idiot) has probably become the word that we use the most when we are together.

As proof I’ll give you another example of when this word was used today (apart from the mosquito incident and the student card one) this one is about 바나나맛 우유: banana milk (as seen in the picture above). Unnie tol me about what happened to her yesterday when she went to the store shopping for food while I was out (and I thought she would go home early to study). First of all she had bought WAY too many things, so many that she could hardly carry them. That’s when I first said: ‘바보야! you should have called me then!’ Anyways she made her way in front of the dormitory, after taking rests every 20 meters and taking 50 minutes to walk the 500 meters that separate our uni with the subway station. She thought that she could smell something odd and wondered what it was. When she reached the dormitory she put down the box once again and then: BAM! The box got destroyed, and banana milk flowed down her clothes. It turns out that she had put the small bottles of banana milk at the bottom of the heavy box and that the pressure had been too much so one of them had burst open and ruined the box that eventually fell apart allowing the banana milk to flow down unnie’s clothes and all of the groceries to fly to the floor. But what angered unnie wasn’t the milk on her clothes it was the ruined expensive banana milk ! The clothes can be washed but the banana milk was gone: wasted. or well half of a bottle was, so about 400 won (2 danish crowns). 바보야, worry about yourself first!

Uh, while we are talking food here you go, my meals today:

The first one is rice topped with some beef sauce, it was my lunch and was very nice. It tasted a bit like home at times as the taste was similar to when papa has some left-over meat and prepares a similar dish. On the right we have simple and easy BiBimMyun (BiBim noodles) that unnie was nice enough to cook for me tonight (사랑해요 언니!).

I still need to shower, wash my clothes and study some more so that’s it for today folks.

PS: wish me good luck avoiding any more mosquito bites tonight!

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