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B(ehind)T(he)S(cenes): Boxes, Tape and Stress

10, 9, 8, 7 days left until I arrive in South Korea!

7 days until South Korea means 2 days until I leave Sydney (the name of the building that I am currently living in), which in its turn means: PACKING! Tons of packing, boxes, tape and stress.

I already began packing eight days ago, yet it still feels like there are so many things left to do: packing the last essentials, sealing boxes, cleaning my room, ‘checking out’, calming down and, finally, moving.

Everything goes into boxes again. My life will be waiting in a storage room until someday I’ll want it back.

In the mean time I will be going to Seoul and forget about all the things I had, and have, only seeing what I will get. And then, when I come back again, I will look at what used to be, at everything I had and still have, stored away in a corner, and I will feel like it’s Christmas: looking at all of my things with sparkling eyes while I rediscover every single one of them with nostalgia.

But for now, I’m packing. Packing, packing, packing and packing. Nothing but packing (and now blogging). Packing in carton boxes and packing my bags for Seoul. And here is a small tip for all of you packers out there: Do NOT pack the Hollywood way. This means: do not be so exited about going somewhere, or so pressed for time, that you have to throw all of your things into your suitcase. This will only result in being unable to close it, even if you try to sit on it, simply because everything takes too much space and your clothes overflow from every side. Instead, pack like a pro (=like me) ! I’ve tried the Hollywood way, but then I found out that I could pack double the amount of things if I just bothered to fold my clothes, and place it in my suitcase, instead of throwing it, and voilà: a suitcase with all essentials yet still with space enough for future purchases. I think I’m almost ready to go!

But before arriving in South Korea I have a lot of time to spend on planes, and general transport. A long time in limbo. A time very much needed to calm down so I can forget that I’m supposed to be nervous. Yes, I’m nervous. So nervous that it feels like I’m about to take a test that I haven’t studied for but that I have to get top grades for. But no need to worry, I’m usually good with tests.

Seoul is very far away, so, I will be halting at 6 cities before arriving, some for longer than others and all in all it will take me 6 days from the time I leave Sydney (Bath, England) until I arrive in Seoul.

The destinations (notice all of the B’s):

  1. Bath (Sydney, England) to Bristol.

  2. Bristol to Béziers (Southern France).

  3. Béziers to Barcelona

  4. Barcelona to Frankfurt

  5. Frankfurt to Beijing

  6. Beijing to Seoul

And then I’ll be saying: ‘Goodbye Sydney and hello Seoul!’

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