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Awards Eligibility

When I debuted, no one told me that not only would I get to hold my book in my hands and see it in stores and libraries, it would also be eligible for awards. I admit, I hadn't really thought further than "get published".

When I was told that Northern Wrath is eligible for awards, my initial reaction was a big question mark. In fact, a whole row of question marks: What? How? Are you sure? Seriously? You're joking, right?

I am here today, to tell you that it was in fact not a joke.

So... if you have enjoyed Northern Wrath, then please consider nominating it for one of the following awards:


Locus Awards

Given by the Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine Locus. Extra special for being accessible to the casual reader since anyone can nominate works published the previous year that they have enjoyed.

Northern Wrath is eligible for 2 awards:

Fantasy Novel


First Novel

Anyone can vote in the Locus Awards and nominate up to 5 books in each category! Nominations are ranked, so mark your first choice as number 1.

Northern Wrath needs to be nominated as a write-in. At the end of the list there are empty lines. So if you want to help me out mark the following to nominate Northern Wrath: "Northern Wrath, Thilde Kold Holdt (Solaris)" and remember to give it a number.

This is how the entry should look.

When? Starting right now and continuing until April 15!


Hugo Awards

held each year during the World Science Fiction Convention, the Hugos are what I like to refer to as the Oscars of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre, and yes, Northern Wrath is eligible!

Northern Wrath is eligible for:

Best Novel


Astounding Award

The Astounding Award is not a Hugo Award, but is given at the same occasion to the Best New Writer whose first work of science fiction or fantasy appeared in 2019 or 2020.

How to help: CoNZealand members and DisCon III member are eligible to nominate up to five books and authors for each award.

When? Until March 19. So that is right now!


Nebula Awards

The Nebula Award is another big one, shall we say the Golden Globes of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre? (Okay this Hollywood comparison is going to end here because those are the only two film/TV awards I know...)

Northern Wrath is eligible for:

Best Novel

Best Science Fiction or Fantasy novel published in 2020.

How to Help: Members are eligible to nominate works for a Nebula Award. See more information on how to become a member and how to vote here.

When? Now until the 28th of February


British Fantasy Awards

These are the Awards given by the British Fantasy Society whom I for the longest time thought only could be awarded to British citizens, so colour me surprised to tell you that I was spectacularly wrong (as seems to be a trend today). These awards reward people who have published work in the english language regardless of their country of origin.

Northern Wrath is eligible for:

Fantasy Novel

How to Help: British Fantasy Society members, attendees of the previous FantasyCon, and attendees of the next FantasyCon can nominate works. Each member may put forward up to three Recommendations in any category, listed in preferential order

To nominate Northern Wrath for best Fantasy Novel, write it as a recommendation:

"Northern Wrath by Thilde Kold Holdt (2020 Solaris)"

When? Recommendations can be made from now on and until the end of March.


World Fantasy Awards

The World Fantasy Awards are organised by the World Fantasy Convention and give out these stunning awards with a crooked tree and a full moon. Look at that beauty! Who wouldn't want that to decorate their shelves?

Northern Wrath is eligible for:


How to Help? Members of the World Fantasy Convention can nominate works. You may register here, either as supporting member or attending member.

When? Now until the 1st of June.

The earlier the better as the judges have longer to considering the nomination.


Mythopoeic Awards

Mythopoeic Awards specifically rewards myth as used in fantasy in the Tolkien fashion. Kind of sounds like a perfect match for our myth-heavy Northern Wrath, right?

So indeed, I can announce that Northern Wrath is eligible for:

Fantasy Award for Adult Literature

How to Help? Members of the Mythopoeic Society can nominate works for consideration. Learn more about how to become a member and how to nominate here.

When? Now until July!


If you're nominating Northern Wrath for an award, then thank you very much for believing in the merit of my work. This is all still a bit surreal to me but I feel like this is a major step forward as a writer. I didn't realise Northern Wrath would eligible for so much. Just like I didn't realise that it would find its way into the hands of so many eager readers across the globe.

Every day it fees like I learn something knew about being a writing. So... may there be many more things about being an author that surprise me in the future!

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