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Another day off

A friend of Unnie from Hong Kong came to South Korea yesterday with a friend of hers and they visited Unnie at Ewha today. They brought tons of food for Unnie from Hong Kong (she is currently busy taking pictures of everything and throws one exclamation after another at every discovered item). I joined them for lunch. We headed down into Ewha shopping district and headed to a quite famous and very nice restaurant. It turns out that it was closed because of holidays so we headed to another famous one, but that too was closed, so, finally, we ended up in a completely different restaurant that we hadn’t tried yet. Thankfully it was also very delicious, actually a lot of restaurants around Ewha are very good, just heading a bit away from the main road allows for a discovery of many delicious restaurants and waffle houses.

Our next round of exams are Thursday and Friday next week, I still haven’t figured out wether I am going to study properly for it or not. My goal in coming here is to learn Korean and I don’t feel that I get enough out of learning masses of words by heart for a test, as I forget most of them soon after, and I haven’t studied enough for the past few weeks to do very well on the exam without restoring to these sorts of methods. My conclusion: I might study for the sake of good grades (and my perfectionism) or I might not, for the sake of Health and laziness(?).

Our final exams being so near also means that I now only have 3 weeks left in South Korea, quite precisely, with my last week being fully booked with things to do. Oh how fast times passes when you are having fun.

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