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And it’s a pass.

Could my day have started any better? Before I was fully awake I was reading over my notes before starting our first exam.

The first exam was Essay writing. Two questions and four blank pages, two for each question. I wrote two full pages for the first question and managed to read it through once before I moved on the question two. Unfortunately I ended up running out of time after having written the first page so I made a quickly improvised ending, somehow managing to fill up half a page, before I handed in my paper.

Next up was vocabulary exam and I am pretty sure that I mastered that one. Last up was reading exam that also seemed to have gone quite good. I only had a couple of questions that I wasn’t 100% sure about, which means that I will minimum get 45/50, which is pretty good since I need just over 20 points to pass (because I got high marks at the last exams).

After the exams I went out for Ddokkbokki with some classmates.

I headed home afterwards but with no intention to study for tomorrow’s exams. Unnie came home soon after and together we decided to disregard the exam and go shopping instead. It turned out to be more of an eye-shopping trip than an actual shopping trip though, as we failed to find what we wanted. I was looking for a short blue shirt to match the skirt that I had bought in Myungdong last Monday, but failed to find the right shirt.

As we headed back from Shinchon (I have just realised today that 신촌 becomes Shinchon in English and not Shincheon as I have often seen it written as, I always have a hard time spelling Korean words in English) we spotteda very famous street vendor. He is very famous in Shinchon but is only open very occasionally so we still hadn’t have a chance to try his famous meat before.

When we got home again I continued my mission from earlier today: to design a wearable and decent 2NE1 accessory for the 2NE1 concert that I am going to next Friday. I still haven’t finished my model, but I’m getting there, and at least I’m having fun with it. I’ve always loved randomly designing and making things, anything from accessories to clothes to furniture, but I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to pick up on this hobby of mine so it felt nicely stress relieving to get back to doing something similar once again.

After having lived, and gone to school, at a Woman’s University for almost three months now I have come to feel what it means to be a student at a Woman’s university, as that surely is a very different experience than being a student at a normal mixed university, but I will share all of this precious information in a future post as this one has already reached the usual 700 words so it is time to end my post. Not because there is nothing more to write, the people who know me well will know that I would be able to keep writing until I fall asleep in front of my computer, and even then I would keep thinking about what to write in my dreams, I am just that kind of person. And that is precisely why I have to stop writing now, before I spend the entire night here, writing my way through the night, again. So Goodbye and goodnight, I’ll take my leave with a song.

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