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All night long

I didn’t write anything yesterday, but now there is a very good reason for that: I only came back home at 7AM this morning.

why is that? I went out for dinner and drinks and missed the last metro home so I had to stay until the morning for the subway to open again.

Actually my day started a bit earlier than that, with water coming in from outside because of the heavy raining. The window was closed but the water somehow made its way through. Unnie helped me to make a temporary reparation on it but I knew that it wasn’t going to last. So before leaving the dormitory I went down to the office, and while we were both out someone came in to fix it.

I met up with my classmates in Hongdae at diner time for some Korean BBQ. We ate deliciously together with friends, and friends of friends, and headed to a bar close by afterwards, ordered a big beer cylinder and lost of Soju. And like the Korean wannabes that we are, we played a few drinking games: real korean style.

We could go with her to Apgujeong and then hope that she might remember, but I really doubt that she would have, and at that point we still weren’t sure that she actually lived in Apgujeong, her answers were so weak and she couldn’t stand.

Slowly people started leaving one after another, leaving two of the guys, Haruka and me, and there was no way I was leaving Haruka in that state alone with two guys. Eventually we came up with a plan, and had it worked it truly would have been genius. We decided to head to a JiJimBang (a Korean style sauna). These places are quite cheap and you can spend as long time as you want inside, perfect for times when you are unable to go home for whatever reasons.

Unfortunately, when we arrived Haruka’s state had worsened for unknown reasons. The man at the sauna said that she was too drunk, and even though we begged he wasn’t going to let us in. That is when Haruka went to the bathroom and things got complicated. She locked the door and suddenly stopped responding. We got worried that she might have passed out. So I asked for a horseshoe and climbed over the wall to get in to her (my hand is now showing utter discontent with that stunt). It turns out that her state had worsened further and she seemed unable to do anything, and had start to resemble a ghost.

Eventually we got her out and she called a japanese friend of hers that we then headed out to meet. Her friend said that he would take good care of her, and when Haruka had come to her senses there was no doubt that he could be trusted so we left her in his care.

After that it was almost 2AM, and at that point at night the only way of going home is buy spending a fortune on a luxury taxi. So, naturally, we decided to stay in Hongdae. But what to do while waiting for those remaining five hours to pass until the subway opens again? You drink more, of course. That is how we went from bar to bar to bar, and met friends of friends of friends, and drank one bottle of soju after another and after another, accompanied by tons of food. Goodness, I am so glad that I am a Dane, if I wasn’t I probably wouldn’t have been able to stand after the first round of drinks, here is to being scandinavian!

At 7AM we finally headed home. Honestly, arriving at Ewha at 7AM was one of the weirdest things ever.

I have never seen Ewha so emtpy, even at 2AM, when everything is closed and there is nothing to do, there will still be people around somewhere. But at 7AM the only thing around was the morning wind blowing down the empty streets of Ewha and Shinchon.

I casually strolled down the street and priced myself happy and lucky that I hadn’t forgotten any of my belongings in Hongdae (I have a tendency of always leaving my umbrella behind). I eventually got home, took a shower, washed my clothes and went straight to bed. I ended up only sleeping four hours: woken up by a spam message on my phone: yippee!

I am still not sure what will await me for the rest of today, but whatever it is I hope that it will include sleep.

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