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Day 46-47: Exam Results and Tattoo

This week has been a long week. Not only did I have exams on Monday and Tuesday. I also had homework due for the day after my exam and essay for today along with other homework too..

Yesterday after school I went out to meet a friend that I met through blogging, and we had an absolute blast. We met up in the evening, went for dinner and then deserts and stayed at this coffee shop for hours and hours. It was eleven in the evening by the time I came home again, and then I had to write my essay for the following morning and also work... I got four hours of sleep last night, but somehow I'm still functioning today.

Today was the D-day for my roommate. Straight after class we headed to Suwon (again, lovely Suwon), and straight up to the tattoo studio.

She had her first tattoo made today, and I was sitting with her. It was a great experience and it came out looking really cool. A white tiger in a very cool black and white style. I talk about the Korean myth of the white tiger in this post.

For now, the white tiger is crying tears of blood, but in a few days the swelling will have gone down and the skin will have healed.

The process took a total of three hours, and was done in one sitting. There were two tattoo artists working at the shop while we were there, and while my roommate was getting her tattoo, three costumers came and left in the other side with brand new tattoos. Two of the three other costumers got single line word tattoos that took no more than fifteen minutes to make.

My roommate, who had been so very worried about it hurting, had to admit that she was disappointed by how little it actually hurt. "Like mosquito bites," she said. "just mosquito bites." But I reckon that isn't something to be disappointed about, rather lucky that it wasn't three hours of screaming pain.

In other news, I got my exam scores back, all but the Speaking test scores.

The midterm scores and final exam scores are added to give the total score, so for now all test results are out of fifty.

My predictions were:

Listening: 44/50

Reading: 45/50

Grammar: 46/50

Essay: 41/50

Well my real scores are as follows: Listening: 41.4/50

Reading: 40/50

Grammar: 42/50

Essay: 39.1/50

I think what we can see from this is that I certainly have confidence in my abilities.

But, in seriousness, I also actually wasn't too far off, and I did decently. I needed to get over 35 in all of my exams to pass without having to worry about anything, and I have done that. Now there is just the Speaking Test results left, and I will get those tomorrow.

If I get just 30 on the Speaking Test, then I can pass with these scores and I just need to at least do the same for the final exams, so I am hopeful...

I am particularly proud of my essay results. For the entrance exam I got only 3 points on the essay writing... And when I looked at my exam, there were few corrections compared to how my essays usually look when I get them back as homework, so I felt rather proud at how quickly I had improved even if there is still a lot to learn.

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