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Days 38, 39, 40: Gimmicks

My last few days have mostly been spent doing nothing special other than weird gimmicks with my roommate, which in itself it pretty special.

I may come home with abs, because we spent our entire days laughing, and mostly because I joke a lot.... A lot!

Our biggest problem is that by 10pm we're supposed to be quiet, but we laugh SO much, and often forget this. So it's ends up like this:


"Oh wait, it's midnight, we're supposed to be quiet...."

"Hahah.... Shh..... Puhahaha"

Thankfully we're on very good terms with our neighbours who are very cute. One of them was my initial roommate, and the other has awesome blue hair, so we call her Blue.

In recent news my roommate and I have tried to catch the sunset from our balcony properly for a few weeks, and consistently failed. Today as well. We remember just before the actual sunset, and then because it's cold we go inside to wait and we joke around and do other stuff, and then by the time we remember again the sun has set...

Yesterday we finally remembered it properly and at the right time. But...

The fates do not appear to want us to see this sunset because on the one day that we remembered we couldn't see it because the weather didn't agree with our plans...

In order news, I went out to eat with my classmates today. I had already left but received a text from a classmate asking if I wanted to go out to eat, so I rushed back, but they had left already. I still wanted to go, so they were kind and waited for me inside a shopping mall. I asked if I could take my roommate with me and we left straight away.

​I didn't want to leave her on her own for lunch, so we went together and I was excited to get to introduce her to a few of my classmates. I thought it would just be a few... It turned out to be six classmates, so with my roommate and I we were a total of eight people.

They were very nice to her despite lack of English skills, and tried their best, and she followed along well despite not knowing Korean and not often pitching in. It was a very fun lunch, again spent laughing like crazy.

I really think I'm going to end up with abs by the time I get home...

The food was delicious, the company was great, and I feel like our classmates have become a lot closer. We certainly have come a long way from the dead quiet classroom I experienced during breaks for the first few weeks.

Another good day.

Oh right, before I forget, I know that a few people have been curious about how my classmates and friends look like, but in an attempt to respect everyone's Right to Privacy I am neither writing up names nor sharing photos of anyone who hasn't given their consent, so that is why those photos are non existent. They are all pretty and cool, so it's really just because I want to protect and respect their Privacy.

Tomorrow is our one day of revision before our mid-terms next week, which are on Monday and Tuesday. I must admit that I'm pretty nervous, but with some revision over the weekend I think I can do it. I may not get perfect marks like I did six years ago, but I have skipped three levels, so maybe that's to be expected. However, I am pretty certain that I can at the very least pass if I give it my all during the weekend.

화이팅! As the Koreans say. A word imported from English (Fighting), but given a whole new meaning. The most basic meaning is: give it your best! So: 화이팅!

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