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Day 14: DongDaeMun

​Today the trip went to DongDaeMun, a place I used to go every Sunday with my old roommate six years ago. For old times sake I bought a Korean potato hotdog. It's a sausage on a stick, wrapped in bread like substance and with pieces of potato fries on the outer shell. It's delicious.

I remembered DongDaeMun well, but to my surprise everything had changed. Out of all the places I have gone back to in Seoul that I knew well, DongDaeMun appears to have changed the most.

There was a lot of snow today.

When we woke up, the town was white, but the roads are cleared very quickly here, so there wasn't really any problem getting around. However, it did mean that we took our umbrellas with us as the forecast also announced rain (or snow), and walking around DongDaeMun with an umbrella reminded me of the typhoon summer during which I did the same. So much had changed.

Where there used to be just plain land and small buildings was now a whole new cultural center and park area. It was pretty and yet at the same time as we walked around DongDaeMun, I couldn't help but think about how things had used to look, and somehow and it made me miss the old times even more.

However, it was pretty. I will give it that. The new recreational park like areas in Seoul are really pretty and good for a walk. More on that at a later time.

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